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Information Design

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So I’m currently taking an information design class. Basically what that means is…do a bunch of research and design something beautiful. I just finished another project. The topic that I chose was texting and driving. We spent a few weeks research, and then we were supposed to create a tool to display our research. I chose to do a cell phone package (how fitting?). Anyways, the catch is..when you open the package, the cell phone is totally destroyed. Just like your life…if you text and drive. Seriously. Don’t do it. In my research I found out that send/reading a text is about the same as driving 55mph, the length of a football field…blind. Yeah, no bueno amigos. So here’s some pictures of the finished product. the


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Alyson doesn’t know, but I’m sitting next to her secretly updating our blog. Hahahaha! This past week has been pretty chill, except for the fact thAt we both were sick yesterday. Bleh. She caught me….over and out.