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5 months

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That may not seem like a lot, but it’s the longest WE’VE ever been married! It’s gone by super fast, and it has been fabulouso. Seriously, what’s better than a sleepover with your best friend, EVERY NIGHT! To celebrate, we drove to Idaho Falls to eat dinner. We somehow ended up at Famous Daves BBQ. And we somehow were convinced to get the feast for two. They literally bring your food out on a garbage can lid. It is piled with food. The pork was pretty good, but my favorite was the mac and cheese. Happy 5 extra pounds for 5 months day!


feeeeed me!!!

He’s had a birthday shout hooray!

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Nathan is one year older (and wiser too.) We had a ton of fun for Nathans birthday, we extended it a day as well! On his actual birthday, he went to work. How exciting. BUT, I brought him a cupcake from coco bean. And later that day, his coworkers got him ANOTHER cupcake from cocobean and ice cream. After he was done with work, we tried to play frisbee, but it was really windy. So we just headed to Idaho Falls. We stopped at Target and Nathan got some frisbee shorts, for free. Giftcard. (I also got a planner, i feel under control again.) Then we went to 5 Guys for dinner (For free. Our internet provider gave us a $50 visa gift card!) Everyone raves about it, and we were pretty happy with it. Then we went back to Rexburg, and we went bowling. (For free, because we had free games from Star 98 night.) Nathan got to talk to all his siblings on the phone while we waiting for a lane. After I viciously slaughtered Nathan in bowling…we came home. Ok, so he won a game as well. On our porch was a box from Kaleb! Inside was a bag of Starburst! Yippee! And we had the fruit pizza I made instead of cake, for dessert. We also got to facetime with Jim & Michelle. (and Jordan & Maddie) Over all his birthday was great!

nathan and his pizza

Today, I was done with class at 12:30 and felt like I should throw Nathan a birthday party, even though it was the day after, and we had a great time. SO with the help of Anne, I got stuff to decorate with, and we made brownies. When Nathan got home from frisbee practice, I asked if we could go to dinner. (which is weird since we went out the night before.) But…it worked. We first went DI to find a pot for our tomato plant. (We were unsuccessful.) So then we went to Costa Vida for dinner. Meanwhile, Anne, with the key I gave her to our place comes in, and everyone comes over to help blow up balloons and decorate. Anne, Kaleb, Tiahna & Kelly, Jess & Bo and Robbie & Sienna all came! It was a miracle since it was a Thursday night and people didn’t know about it until this afternoon. I LOVE our friends! We ate brownies, popped balloons, laughed our heads off, and enjoyed celebrating Nathan.

Nathan & brownies

Tiahna & Kelly

Kaleb, Nathan & his skeet thrower Robbie & Sienna got for him

We had a really fun time. I’m so grateful for the great friends that we have, and for good times we enjoy.

I love you Nathan!


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When we were riding our bikes home from the library, I made Nathan stop by an old seed station to take his picture of his fancy new haircut. Doesn’t he look sharp?

and then there’s me………..

ps. i got a splinter.

Drum Roll…..

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It’s decided. Nathan’s been accepted to Utah Valley University and we’re going to Orem after I graduate! He plans on getting his bachelors in nursing at UVU. So we’ll be there for at least 4 years. Watch out Utah, here we come! 

El Mundo del Osos

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(that means bear world in spanish) Anyways, Bear World was really fun. Yellowstone has a little park just 5 miles south of Rexburg, called…you guessed it, BEAR WORLD. I’ve heard since I’ve been up at school that it’s lame, overpriced and not worth it. Every time we drive by, it looks awesome. AND today was the last day of Cub Palooza. Which means…half off entrance and you get to see baby bears. So we went and it was so much fun. (You hear that all you downers?! It was fun!!) 

entrance into the park

It was raining when we got there, but it stopped soon after. I think this slowed down the crowds. We have good luck with rain. So for $16 Nathan and I got to drive around through the park as many times as we wanted, and go to a petting zoo, and see baby bears and eat fudge. We decided to stop and see the cubs before we drove around. They were SO cute!

they were all baby black bears

With the cooler weather, they were more happy to play and run around. We were surprised at how clumsy they were. But then we decided they’re pretty awesome for 3 month olds. After we oo’ed and aww’ed for awhile we went into the petting zoo.

the kiddo is more interested in Nathan than the deer

oh just kissing Stilts the Moose.

There were some hungry goats that only hung out by the little stands where you can buy food. There was a huge pot belly pig. Some chickens, peacocks, moose, 4  ducks a waddlin’ , three deer a dancin’, 2 goats a eatin’ and a partridge in a pear tree. Wait…what?

We found out that grizzly bears are tall, and Nathan looks like he’s 6ft. He really likes his photo.

After we left the petting zoo, one of the workers was holding a baby bear so people could pet it. I grabbed Nathan and we speed walked over to the baby. His name was Spanky, and he was sucking on the workers neck. And they make this weird noise… I don’t even know how to describe it. But they make it when they’re happy, so it’s kind of like how a cat purrs. Except…it’s a bear, and it’s not purring.

THEN…we drove around the park and saw a million animals. There were goats, elk, bison, and bears. Lots of bears. This is bear world…

this photo makes me laugh every time i see it.

Nathan and I realized that whenever we were pretending to talk like bears, we made them sound really unintelligent. But then we decided that was mean, since they’re really smart. But we couldn’t stop. They’re hilarious looking.

We had fun, and I would totally recommend going if you’re ever in Rexburg. Which most likely won’t happen, so just pretend you went and watch the video.