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We love free stuff.

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Nathan called this evening at precisely 6:11pm saying “So I’m riding past Porter Park, and there’s a big party going on. It’s for Beehive Credit Union. Want to go?” He gets home and showers real fast since he was smelly from frisbee, and we hop on our bikes and ride down to the park. Sure enough, Beehive Credit Union is having a block party. Sweet. We just pretended like we knew what was going on and got free dinner!

not really sure what that face is…

While we ate we got to listen to an awesome band. And the kid playing drums is in my graphic design class.

After we finished eating, we wandered around. There was cotton candy, sno-cones, ice cream, a bounce house and tons of games. (I’m sure for the loyal bank members. Don’t ask, don’t tell.) Then we laid our eyes upon the mother load. Fish Dip. Sounds…tasty? Wrong. It sounds awesome. So we grabbed a little net and swooped up two goldfish. AND, we got to keep them.

they are both hiding in the corners of the bag

Obviously the only logical names for these two guys…Spongebob and Patrick. We rode our bikes home and plopped them in with Plankton. We watched them and commented on their every move like sports casters until we realized they were all going to be friends. We now are the proud owners of THREE goldfish!!

Oh, and we’ve been married for six months.

Feeling Crafty

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I saw this on Pinterest. Lately I’ve actually been doing stuff that I pin…weird. Anyways, if you have a candle in a glass jar and a lid, you too can have pretend-to-be-fancy bathroom jars. Bath & Body works has candles like this…with really delicious smells. bonus! (side note. the pineapple mango candle from there is divine.)
Take a jar with less wax than this….
seriously…this scent is awesome. 
If you put it in the freezer, the wax shrinks up and you can pick it out with a knife. OR,  I thought of putting it in hot water. The wax melts and you can pour it in an ice cube tray to use for scentsy cubes.(most people are probably more coordinated than me, and won’t spill wax everywhere.)
verbena waters is really good too (green stuff)
You can see that there are the little wick holders in the jar behind the mess, they’re just held on with glue. So when you get it hot, you can just peel them off. After you get those puppies out, you scrub the insides and peel off the stickers until you get a clean jar.
squeaky clean
THEN…fill with whatever you want.
and that’s it. easy. 

Weekend Update

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We had an eventful weekend, a little too much fun. (Is that possible?) I’ll start with Thursday night, since I made delicious mexican pizza. Sounds gross. Promise it wasn’t. Make it for yo’self!

  • make a pizza crust. 
  • spread a thin, thin, THIN layer of bbq sauce as the base. (sounds weird. swear it’s good.)
  • toss on some black beans. ( I added some cumin and garlic salt to mine.)
  • throw on some corn.
  • cut some onion and chuck it on.
  • slice tomato and delicately place it in a symmetrical pattern. (kidding)
  • top with mozzarella cheese.
  • bake it. like..10 minutes..ish.
  • chop some fresh cilantro and sprinkle.
  • eat. smile. repeat.


Friday night we went to the championship football game with Anne, Nathans frisbee coach Mark, and his wife Maren. Throughout the first half, little gold footballs were thrown into the crowd. At halftime, since Nathan, Mark and I got footballs, went down onto the football field. Then a helicopter. YES, a real helicopter flew over the field and dropped ping pong balls. Everyone went crazy, picking up as many as possible. After they were all picked up, we waited in line to see if our ping pong ball had a number that earned a prize. Poor Mark picked up 10, none had prizes. I got 6, no prizes. And Nathan grabbed 8, and won two prizes! A gigantic t-shirt and a hat.

they had a drop for the kiddos before the crazy-insane-death drop


(the pictures were taken in the dark, with a phone. that’s why they’re kind of blurry) It was kind of terrifying, the helicopter if flying over head, and everyone is getting ready to sprint out onto the field. The balls drop, and everyone sprints, and dives. Crazy.

Then Saturday morning I headed out to pick up our first bountiful basket. (Nathan slept) I was really surprised by how much stuff you get! It’s awesome! We’ll be doing it every week I’m pretty sure.  Nathan had a frisbee game at 10am. They won again. Surprise surprise. Actually, I was kind of nervous for them. They were pretty close the whole time. Nathan scored 3 points, and won the defensive player of the game! Awesome!

After the game, we rode our bikes to Rexburg Rapids. (the tiny waterpark here) We met up with Jess and Bo. It was actually a lot of fun. We spent most of our time on the lazy river. We were only there for a couple of hours, put sunscreen on twice, and poor Nathan got his shoulders roasted. Luckily I didn’t get a burn. (about time I come home without a sunburn) After the game we made cookie dough and bought some ice cream for that evening. For diner, we went over the Ashbys house. (our BFFs from our ward) They made some awesome “stuffed crust” pizza. It was really delicious. Then we played games. We’re kind of obsessed with playing games. It’s bad. But not actually, it’s awesome. Then we were going to make a giant pazookie? cookie? I don’t remember what it’s called. But you bake a giant cookie, and before it cools down put ice cream on it and chow down. We decided to instead bake them in little muffin tins for individual cookies.

this is mine. isn’t he beautiful?
and this is Robbies…

We were so full, so we moaned the rest of the night while playing bang. Thanks Tessa and Robbie, we had fun. And we really are going to make you guys empanadas sometime!

Saving Baby Ducks

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I was riding my bike to meet Nathan for lunch when I saw a momma and her babies trying to the cross the street. How cute! Then I saw a car speeding down the road, not slowing down for these cute ducks. I looked at the ducks, looked at the car, back to the ducks, back to the car. Both were still moving. So, I rode my bike into the middle of the road and started waving my arms like a lunatic. The car wasn’t stopping, and I got a little nervous. Luckily, another car honked at the speeding car, and another guy ran into the road. (there are at least two lunatics at BYUI.) The car stopped, and the duckies all made it across the street. And we all lived happily ever after!



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Friday Jess and I surprised the husbands with a camping trip! Kind of for fathers day…even though they aren’t fathers. (We’re kind of really good to them.) We threw all our junk in the cars, and headed out to Beaver Dick Park. Unluckily, it was totally full. Not a single spot was open. But our friend Robbie had told us about a place near Beaver Dick, called Warm Slough. Sounds appealing..? Well, since we had no other option we headed down another road. And found the coolest camping site ever! It was so beautiful at Warm Slough, and there weren’t nearly as many people. We set up our tents right next to the river.

our tent!
the warm slough I guess…

We had hotdogs for dinner and played farkle which is so fun! You just roll dice and it’s all chance so no one has the right to get upset. We then roasted s’mores and told stories by our bomb fire which I totally helped with.

see that giant log? it’s a on fire. thanks to me.

We then went to bed and I’m pretty sure I slept for 5 seconds. I kept hearing coyotes and creepy crawlies. And then! at 5am a group of scouts decides to go fishing right next to our tent. And a moose walks through our site. And basically there was no sleep for me. Nathan however, snored the a bear..which probably ate our leftover marshmallows.

We were up early, or should I say. Bo and I were up early. We attempted to make a fire, and I made jiffy pop. When our spouses got up, Nathan and I made breakfast. We then packed up camp and heading back to the burg. Nathan had a frisbee game.

They won…again. Surprise surprise. They’re undefeated. AND Nathan scored 4 points. Whoop whoop! (I took the pictures from someones facebook. I think Nathans coachs sister took these.)

look how excited he is to catch the frisbee!
face plant. 
they’re dancing (or nathan just threw the disc)

After the frisbee game, we walked to the Rexburg Air Show. After the show we walked ourselves right into bed and took a 2 hour nap. It was a fun weekend, and I love our friends. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m going to miss Rexburg when we leave. Oh, and I made this.

hopefully I’ll stop losing my keys.

Reeds Dairy

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Last Saturday we went to Reeds Dairy with my cousin Nancy and her husband Marshall. (read about their live here! ( We got to pet baby cows, see a newborn goat, and not pet the horse. (Marshall hates horses, and I’m allergic.)

not a baby. but still cute. 

After we gushed over how tiny the goat was, we went inside to get some ice cream. Instead we got the best chocolate milk on the planet and grilled cheese sandwiches. We then wandered around thrift and antique shops. Nancy hit the mother-load, while I came out at a big zero. It was so much fun though, there are so many things I would love to do and found some great ideas from a thrift store.

love the colors and setup of the suitcases!

no seriously. i will do this someday.

Round Things

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Two of Nathans favorite things are round. Pizza and frisbee. We had them both Friday night. Nathan had a frisbee game at 8pm. Who schedules a game at 8pm on a Friday? I don’t know. But it was a lot of fun to get to watch him do something he loves. Unluckily, it was also pouring rain. Yet, as the wonderful wife that I am, I sat. I had brought a camping chair. So luckily I wasn’t sitting in soggy grass. It actually wasn’t that bad. AND…there was a rainbow. A full one. Also, the second half of that rainbow…was a double rainbow. Also, there was a beautiful sunset. So really I can’t complain about a little water. I would post a photo of the rainbow…but I couldn’t get it all in a picture. So I took a video.

nathan is number 4

Nathan did awesome! (I think) he scored 4 points and made some great catches. And he did this crazy stomach dive, caught the frisbee, stood up and passed it for a point. Booyah! After the game. We were both soggy, and one of us was smelly. So while the smelly one showered, the soggy one made the best pizza to roam the earth. I also made the crust whole wheat and used fake chicken. Anyways, it was BBQ “Chicken” pizza. On the crust, I put some bbq sauce, then put on the “chicken”. I added red onion, pineapple and mozzarella cheese. After I pulled it out of the oven, I sprinkled chopped cilantro on it.


We ate pizza and watched Dan in Real Life on the laptop in bed. Being wild college kids that we are, we fell asleep and had to turn off the movie. C’est la vie!

Bill Cosby & Broken Toes

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Mr. Cosby came to BYU-I & tickets were only $15

Basically it was hilarious. And that’s really all there is to it. I won’t go into detail about his show, because it wouldn’t do it justice. And what is NOT hilarious is what happened before this lovely show. SO, I was walking to the kitchen to continue making dinner before Nathan got home so we could make it to the show. I heard Nathans voice outside the window, I turned my head to see if it was actually him. When I turned my head, I went off course and slammed my foot into the couch. It crunched, I held my breath and didn’t look down. I was afraid of mangled toes, possibly blood. (yes, dramatic) I hobbled into the kitchen, grabbed an icepack from the freezer and hobbled back to the couch. I  laid down and put the ice on my foot, after realizing it was intact.

right foot. ring finger toe. it’s gray. 

I swear it’s way more hardcore than the photo shows. haha. It has been all stages of purple, blue, gray. As of now, it’s a nice grape color just around the first joint. Anyways, Bill Cosby was great!

Facial Hair

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Nathan has it. It’s slowly faded. It started out all over.
Then it went to a goatee.


For frisbee, facial hair is not allowed. Except a mustache. But I convinced him to first try a handlebar mustache and take mugshots.


Then, I took the liberty to make this little masterpiece.

’nuff said

60th Wedding Anniversary

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We just celebrated 5 months while Nathans grandparents celebrated 60 years. Puts things into perspective. They organized a family reunion in Chewelah, Washington at Joyce and George’s house. We left Friday morning after I took my CIT 336 midterm. We drove all day Friday, and got in around 8:30pm. BUT before we got into Chewelah, we stumbled upon the Wallace, Idaho Street Market. Of course we stopped.

we kind of want to move here

Sadly, the market was closed. But the antique shops weren’t! So we picked one, because we didn’t have all day. Glorious pick. We walked around, saw a really sweet road bike, it was $30. We decided, we really didn’t need a third bike. Then, while we were walking back we noticed a sign that said, red tags are 50% off. The bike had a red tag. We bought the bike.

His new bike in front of Wallace Brewing

We were pretty excited. Hopefully, it works. haha. In other news, we stopped at a rest stop somewhere in Montana. It was beautiful. (Minus the bathrooms.) There was a river running through, and green trees, the birds were singing. I decided I wanted to feel how cold the water was. So I carefully walk over to the edge of the water. Nathan said, ‘Don’t fall on.’ I respond, ‘I’m not planning on falling in.’ (Like that would ever happen to me.) Then I stop, and take his hand because obviously that would save m y life if I fell in the river. Well, it didn’t. I slipped on the mud on the edge and smacked my booty right in that mud with my legs in the river. My new shoes soaked, my bum sore, and my wrist practically broken. (not actually, but it did hurt) Nathan, being the sweet husband that he is, first helps me out of the water, cleans my shoes off, then starts laughing hysterically. Well, at least the water was warm.

We got to Chewelah, and met Nathan’s family at their hotel. We had brought them cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean, they brought us strawberries from my mom. Or should I say…they brought ME strawberries from my mom.

thanks karissa and angela for protecting my berries!

It was so great to see them all again! We then all cruised over to Grandma & Grandpas house. And then proceded to meet a million and two relatives. It was actually a blast. All of Ben’s siblings were there, and most of each of their children (and grandchildren) were there. Ladene, Andrea, Win, Ben and Ted. (pretty sure I got that right.) We all just hung out and talked Friday night. Saturday was the big bbq celebration at the park. Marlo (Ted’s wife/Nathans aunt) helped the kiddos make these awesome catapults! She also had bubbles for everyone, she was prepared and it was fun. (Yes, I hung out at the kiddy table) We had the yummy bbq, and were getting ready for the cake to be cut when BAM! Thunder! Rain starts pouring down. So all of us cram under the gazebo at the park. When the rain slowed, we threw everything in the cars, and got back home. Just in time for the sun to come out! We took family photos, and a huge group shot. They all played games, slept, and talked. I did homework. Not as exciting, but it needed to be done. Grandma Joyce also made each of us leave with several of her cookbooks. This woman literally has bookcases of cookbooks. So I took about 8 books. Hopefully her cooking skills will somehow rub off on me. We then ate dinner, and did the cake cutting and life sketch inside the house. It was fun to hear their kids tell stories back and forth. So funny!

so cute!

We played a few games, just chatted and then most went outside to send everyone off. EJ and Lilly blew/ate bubbles. They are SOO cute!



Sunday, most of us came to Sacrament meeting. Pretty sure we doubled the congregation. After church we had lunch. Nathan and I packed sandwiches, filled our car with the bike, the golfclubs Nathans parents brought him, a million cookies from Grandma and of course the coveted strawberries. We had a great trip. Thank you Wallace Family, I love being a part of you!

And look how pretty Chewelah is. :)