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DIY Chair Reupholster

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Remember when we first moved to Rexburg? And we bought those so-ugly-they’re-almost-cute-but-still-actually-pretty-ugly chairs? They were $4 dollars at D.I.

The edges were bursting, and they were vinyl. 

I always said I was going to recover them, but they just kept being ugly. Then one time while we were roaming the isles of Hobby Lobby, I found this cute gray and yellow fabric.

 So then I pulled everything apart and spray painted the frame with a nickel finish.

I cut out the foam and stapled up a storm.

I screwed the cushion back onto the frame and tada!

Back in it’s home.

I think it’s a lot better looking than it was before. Maybe a little too thick, but it’s comfy. :)

Stuffed Peppers

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Before I even started cooking this I knew it was going to be good. So I documented it. 
After I cooked it, I realized it was awesome. The only thing I would change is use canned tomatoes like the recipe called for, it would make it a little more…juicy. 
This is what I used. I don’t know what kind of peppers those are. They were given to me. 
I cooked the qinuoa, then added chopped onion, garlic, black beans(about 3/4 can) and corn (3/4 can). Oh and chopped tomato. And some cumin, chili powder and some cilantro.
While the quinoa was cooking, I sliced the peppers and took out the seeds

Stuffed ’em and put on some cheese
Topped with guacamole.

I’ve seen some people cook the pepper until the skin is black. Then pull off the black part, and stuff ’em. I don’t know if there’s a difference. 
But, it was really good. Try it! 

Our New Place

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We’ve moved, in case you didn’t already know. We’re now in Orem, Utah. By Nickel City on State Street. Nickel City is a nickel arcade that we’re very excited to visit. Anyways…here’s our place.

You walk into the kitchen

More of the kitchen. Front door is by that striped rug. 

Laundry and those bins on the side of the fridge are recycling. 

Living room

More living room. And my beautiful computer. 

Our Bedroom. Thanks Mom for the mirror! (still haven’t put pictures in those frames. the one on the right still has my senior picture. haha)

More bedroom. We now each have our own dressers, and the closet. FABULOUS!


More Bathroom.

Nathan’s study room/storage

And here’s a picture of us from my phone!