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One thing I’ve come to love about Utah is KSL. We found a bunch of furniture, a couple jobs ;), sold our random stuff AND deals. Deals is a section of the website where…you guessed it…they have great deals for local stuff. I found tickets to Cornbellys for 50% off! And they included a free pumpkin, zipline ride, “last ride”, AND a free bounce back pass. Pretty awesome. What’s Cornbellys you ask? Oh, only the coolest Harvest Fair out there. (or…the only Harvest Fair I’ve been too)

Nathan and I went around 5. We picked out our pumpkins first. Nathan got a pretty boring orange one. And I got a super cute white one! Just kidding Nathan, your pumpkin is cute too.

Nathan and his slightly less cute pumpkin. :)

We ate dinner and walked around. There was a ton of things to do, especially if you were a 6 year old. Later on we met up with one of Nathan’s mission companions (Andrew Wilkes) and his date. We watched a pig race, and then went on a bunch of haunted, scary stuff. And…it was scary. Nathan said I should learn how to do my scream on cue, and work in the haunted house to scare people. Is that a compliment? Probably too scary for me, but it was kind of fun. We spent the night screaming, eating kettle korn and laughing. Thanks Cornbellys!

oh these? these are my halloween socks. 
I’m a farmer!

Waiting in line
We tried deep fried oreos. I’m not the biggest fan. PS like Nathans new shirt? Target.
We’re pigs! Get it…hog wild? I laughed.

I need an explanation for the picture below. This was called the last ride. You get in a coffin, and it tells some story and bounces you around. The most fun part is there’s a camera on the inside, and you can watch the person getting scared. Nathan’s the only one that went, he said it was lame. But judging from the photo below…I don’t believe that.
Just kidding…it was really lame and he was pretending. (and he said it smelled bad)

AND…this is my pumpkin I carved! 

 Okay so I lied again. I didn’t carve this. It was at Cornbellys. We’re planning on carving pumpkins this week, and I’ll post pictures of our real ones. (They won’t be as cool as this..but maybe just go back and look at this one and pretend we did it.)

And just have to say…the scary stuff really did scare me. I woke up in the middle of the night after a terrible dream, and I was so stinkin’ scared! I made Nathan turn on the light and say a prayer. I fell back asleep and slept in until 9:18. New (recent) record! I love fall, and Halloween is ok. But really I just love this season!

Wilde Oaks

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Last weekend, we took a little trip. Valerie’s family has a cabin outside of Fairview, and we were invited for the weekend. It was such a blast! There were 4 couples. Jacob and Valerie, Danna and Josh,  Jenn and Morgan, and of course Nathan and I. Plus the babies. Jack, Elliot and Jane. So cute, but that would require another whole blogpost to explain the cuteness of those three. ANYWAYS…

It’s beautiful up there, and felt so much like fall. We played board games, ate great food, rode 4-wheelers and had a murder mystery party. Thanks everyone for the great weekend!

On the way there, I made Nathan look like he rocks the mullet.

Love the fall colors!

Jacob, Jack, Valerie, Jenn, Morgan, Jane, Elliot, Josh, Danna, Nathan and I being goofy on the deck. 

Sleeping Baby Elliot

Foggy walk

Jane on our walk


I hung my camera from a tree branch…the picture is blurry because the camera was swinging.


More leaves

Banana Jack on our walk

King of Tokyo
Bouncy Skeleton Jack

Murder Mystery Dinner
The lizard Jacob found!

Bye Wilde Oaks! See ya later!

Big News

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The day has come. As many of you know, I wasn’t happy with my current job. I often times would come home crying, or just exhausted emotionally. When I was first offered this job in August, I had this feeling that I couldn’t shake. It was kind of uncomfortable, just strange. I prayed about it, had a blessing, and didn’t feel like I received a specific answer, or feel like I shouldn’t move forward So I took the job. Things went relatively well, but there was just something always there, I felt like it wasn’t a good fit for me. I endured through September and most of October, then just 2 weeks ago I received an email from another company that I applied to when we first got to Utah. They were wanting to interview me. At first I didn’t know what to do. I had a full-time job in the field that I graduated with just a few months after college. We decided I could at least interview, and then we’d figure it out after they had made a decision.

40 people applied for this position, the interviewer picked 10, then his boss picked her 2 favorites. I was one of those favorites. The interview went well, and I just felt so confident and happy after the interview. At the end of the interview, I was given a “homework assignment.” Just a little ad to do, to see what my style and ability was on the fly. I sent that back the following Monday (my interview was on Friday). THEN, I got an email from the boss. She wanted to talk to me on the phone. So she called, we talked, it went great. She told me that the only hesitation she had with me was my lack of experience. (How am I supposed to get the 3-5 years of experience if every job requires 3-5 years of experience?) But she said that she was really impressed with the work that I had done. And offered me the job.

Ummmm…WHAT! Yes. After the phone call. I had a little breakdown/prayerfest. I thanked my Heavenly Father for this opportunity. I feel that this was why I had this uneasy feeling. He knew this was coming my way, but didn’t stop me because we needed money to get us through these last two months.

Today I talked to my current boss, and we decided that today was my last day. Because of where I was with projects, and today was the last day of the pay period it worked perfectly. There were no hard feelings, and she even mentioned doing free-lance work for them in the future.

I’ll be going in to do paperwork this week, and hopefully start my new job next week.

I am so blessed.

And in other news, Nathan got a 97% on his nutrition test. He’s a beast.

Long Time Coming

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This post is going to be pretty random. It’s been far too long since my last post. I can’t believe how busy/totally not busy at all my life has been. I just fill up the days, which is easy when I work 8-5 every day. When I get home from work, I totally don’t want to do anything but spend time with Nathan. And sweet Nathan is studying so hard. He’s done with class by 2 (or earlier) every day, but he does homework until I get home, sometimes long into the night. And it’s paying off. He is ROCKING his classes. He’s had two chemistry tests..both 100%. He set the curve on his last biology test and basically is a stud all around. So when he’s not swamped with homework we try to have a little fun. Naturally…the laundry, dishes and other not fun things get left undone. A few weeks ago we went to Nickel City, which is basically a Chuck E Cheese..but the games are a nickel. We spent 5 bucks each and had a race to see who could win the most tickets. Nathan killed me, like a said…stud. :) We bought some candy and other random stuff with our tickets. 
Nathan got blue candy. 
In Utah, there are a lot of temples. And churches. And Mormons. It’s kind of crazy. Here’s the Mt. Timpanogos temple, they are doing some work on it, but it’s still open. 

Something Nathan does to keep sane is every Tuesday night, the boys get together and play this board game. I don’t understand it, but that’s okay. They like it.

I’m in the midst of food allergy testing. I haven’t been feeling the best that last few months.
We had the opportunity to go to conference this year! It was so wonderful! We got there a little early…our tickets said the top balcony, but the guy who read our ticket said, “You’re supposed to be three flights up, but just go through those doors and have a seat.” So we were on the floor. Pretty awesome. Conference is amazing every time it comes around. And I’ve realized that I say that every time, as do a lot of people. But it’s amazing because of the attitude we have when we watch it. If you go, having questions in your heart that you’ve prayed about…they will be answered. Sometimes in an unexpected way. That alone reminds me of the truthfulness of this church. I mean come on…old men, who have never met me, answer the concerns of my heart. It is only through the holy spirit that it happens. And the spirit testifies truth. 

We attended Sunday Morning, so before conference started, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang. 

SLC Temple…and some protestors on the corner :)

Before we went into the conference center

It’s really fall!

Life is in Utah is definitely different. Not sure how I feel about it yet. But I am enjoying the time with friends and the beautiful mountains ALWAYS in view. Oh, somethings else that I’m loving…this little girl.

Elliott Faye Titus. She’s adorable.