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We flew out of Pasco on the 31st down to California. Hello 60 degree weather! 
On the way
I see sunshine…
Hello California!
The first two nights, we stayed at Nathan’s dads place. This meant we got to hang out with Jim, Michelle, Jordan and Maddie! We played games, ate great food and watched the ball drop. We also opened presents. Maddie and Michelle made us rice heat packs. (We love them!) And Maddie also made us a little ornament out of buttons, super cute! Sadly, our present to them hadn’t arrived in the mail yet. But we got them a dice board game called King of Tokyo,’s just all chance and pretty fun. The next day, we went and visited Nathan’s Grandpa Norm. He had just had an emergency bypass surgery, on Christmas Eve. He was home, so we drove down there and visited Norm and Blasa. He was doing very well, and was happy to see us. That night we planned to play a million games, and we made empanadas to go with dinner. We ended up playing one really long game of Phase 10. It probably would have gone faster if we didn’t stop every 5 seconds to watch cat videos on youtube. 

Nathan teaching everyone
Phase 10

The next morning we went over to Grandma Silvija and Grandpa Rons, and then we were off to La Jolla! It was the most beautiful day! The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and the water was crystal blue.  I love the ocean!

Ron, Nathan and Sergeant
Big crash!
The Sea Lions at La Jolla
After the beach we went by the San Diego Temple. It was absolutely beautiful! I had only seen it from the freeway. 
San Diego LDS Temple
We had a wonderful and relaxing time. We got to see Uncle Ted as well. We had a big dinner, then had our Christmas! We got them a word card game that we love, called Quiddler. And we got a comfy dark blue throw and Silvija gave me a macro camera lens! The next morning Nathan and I wandered around the backyard taking fun pictures of…basically everything. We already love it, and Nathan is now really excited about using my camera. Here are just a few…
Not sure what this is…but it looks like Dr. Suess. 

We call this one…Desktop Background

This is me, in a Christmas ornament. 


We had such a great time visiting family. Can’t wait to make it back down there!

Anniversary Trip

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We’re bad at keeping surprises a…well…surprise. We just get too excited and end up telling the other what we have planned. Like our anniversary for example. Nathan planned it all out and was going to surprise me, but then ended up telling me before Christmas. But that’s okay, everything was still amazing. 

We went to dinner at Anthony’s along the river. Neither of us had ever been, and it was really good. Nathan got salmon fettuccine and I got mahi mahi with coconut prawns. Nathan’s also came with an appetizer and dessert. So he was nice and shared. :) 
After dinner, we drove out to Touchet, Washington. (It’s about half-way between Tri-Cities and Walla Walla.) What’s in Touchet? Not a whole lot…except the beautiful Cameo Heights Mansion Bed and Breakfast!

You can see our room! The little balcony on the top right!
Everything was beautiful. They even left us a note and a rose!
Nathan really liked the toilet paper…

Our suite had a fireplace, balcony, king sized bed, and air-jetted tub and a waterfall shower. Pretty awesome. The whole Mansion was gorgeous! We walked around for a little bit exploring. We saw they had a few pictures of Christ hanging up, and Nathan popped in the office and asked the owner if they were LDS. They are. (Quick side story. The bed and breakfast we stayed in for our Honeymoon, Thornewood Castle, was also owned by LDS people. Pretty crazy.) Then he asked if we wanted dessert on him! Well sure! So we went into the dining room, and chatted with the owners wife while she fixed us our desserts. Very delicious!

We enjoyed our stay there, my favorite part was probably the air-jetted tub. So relaxing! Oh, and all their soaps, shampoos and lotions are handmade at the Mansion! And we even got a little giftbox with mini versions of them all.

The next morning we were greeted at 8am with homemade danish pastries, hot cocoa and cider left at our door. After we ate our breakfast treats, we got ready and went downstairs for the real breakfast at 9am. There was a beautiful fruit bar, and we were taught over breakfast how to make it! Then breakfast came, it was pumpkin french toast, with eggs and sausage. I forgot to mention that part of this Bed and Breakfast is their restaurant called The Vine. People come from all over just to eat there. If we would have known, we may have just gone there for dinner. But everything we had was homemade and so yummy!

Our wake up call
Fruit Bar

Breakfast. Yum!
Nathan sitting in the living room

Me on the staircase to our room

We had a wonderful time and recommend anyone in that area to check it out!

Chuck E. Cheese

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While we were home for Christmas, Angela had the brilliant idea of going to Chuck E. Cheese. It was awesome. We got a cheese pizza and played all the games.  I get so frustrated and waste all my coins because I am so close every time. I definitely shouldn’t go to Vegas. But we had a lot of fun and then bought sugar, silly straws and plastic bugs with our tickets. 

The girls eating pizza. Karissa kind of looks like an old man.
Joshua eating his hard earned prize
Nathan with his winnings 
I got a giant pixie stick. 

Our Story

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We made to the year mark last month, it went quicker than I thought it could. And as I reflect back on what was going on a year ago, I smile. Some of you may know our story, others not so much. So I’ll tell it.

We met for the first time after school in 2005 in the seminary building. I actually don’t remember meeting Nathan, but this is how he remembers it. I was eating a cookie and it dropped onto the floor. I picked it up, and freaked my seminary teacher (who is a germ-a-phobe) out by taking a bite. Nathan then spoke up and said, “That’s not gross. Can I have a bite?” And I gave him a bite.

Our first date was Prom of May 2006. Nathan turned 16 four days before the dance, and I was his first date. Here’s a picture of it. Behold it’s glory.

He first held my hand October 13th, 2006 during a scary movie. He first kissed me January 7th, 2007 on my porch. And that is another story in itself.

I went to BYU-I January 2008. He went to BYU August 2008. We visited each other and had some really good times.

Nathan was called on a mission to Bahia Blanca, Argentina and left to the MTC October 14th, 2009. I went back to school the following January. I got a package from him for my birthday. I cried when I opened it because I missed him so much. I thought the two years of his mission would be so long, and so terrible. But it was actually quite the opposite. It flew by, and I did a lot. I even checked a couple things off my life goals list. I ran two half marathons, and a full marathon, I played in BYUI’s biggest music show, Guitars Unplugged, and went skydiving with my dad.

It was getting time close to the time he would be coming home. I was getting nervous and excited. Then I received a letter that quite literally changed my life. On the outside of the letter it said…{“Eter 12:6 “…porque no recibís ningún testimony sino hasta después de la prueba de vuestra fe.” We won’t receive any testimony/confirmation until after the test of OUR faith. Open and read.}

What the. He explained that he was in charge of setting up this conference with all the missionaries where Elder Mervyn B. Arnold of the First Quorum of the 70 spoke. Nathan ended up having a one on one interview/conversation with Elder Arnold. They talked about his mission, family, and then about me. I’ll just quote Nathan’s letter, it’s basically the dialogue between them.

*He= Elder Arnold and I =Nathan*
{He smiled (almost knowingly) and nodded his head. Then he says, “Elder, do you love her?”
“Yes” I replied.
“Does she love you enough to follow you through any hardship, support you in every calling, be loyal, no matter what problem, or stress, enough to take six kids to live in Venezuela if she had to for 3 years like my wife did?”
I said, “I like to think so.”
“Is that a yes or a no?” he replied instantly.
“Yes” I said.
“When you get home, go on three dates with her. Do not touch her, do not kiss her. Go to a place where you can talk. You need to get to know each other real well again. Go on those three dates and I promise you that you’ll know.”

October 19, 2011 Nathan flew into the Pasco airport. I got a handshake. Our first date was to Dairy Queen for blizzards, second date was Shari’s for milkshakes. (What can I say…we love ice-cream) And our third date was an Institute Fireside. (I tricked him into coming with me. I wanted to see him again, but it was a Sunday. I knew there was a fireside, and since he’d just gotten home, I knew he couldn’t say no to a fireside! So I called him and asked if he wanted to go. He said yes. Then he called me back and said, “Can we make this our third date?”)

November 4th, 2011. He planned to ask me to marry him. I threw up. Plan failed.

November 5th, 2011. He didn’t care if I was sick. We took a short walk along the river, and ended up at the red bench. He knelt down and asked me. I said yes.

December 27th, 2011 We were married for time and eternity in the Columbia River Washington Temple.

Here’s to a year of being married to my best friend. I’m excited for the many more years to come.

Christmas 2012

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It was wonderful being home for Christmas! We thought it would be easier to have our families so close because for holidays we can see them both. And don’t get me wrong, it is great. But also kind of crazy. Each family has different stuff going on through the holidays, and trying to make sure that everyone is at the right place, at the right time can be crazy. But we like crazy, so it worked out! We slept at the Sant house most of the time. On the 22nd, we had the Sant Sibling Gift Exchange. We all went over to Heidi’s for some delicious food and gave our gifts to each other. We even had Erin and Forrest on FaceTime. They made Mom and Dad a really sweet gift. They printed out maps with little hearts indicating where each of the kids are in the world. Even Zach down in Brazil. SO cute!

Then Christmas Eve we stayed at the Wallace house. It was a lot of fun! We read stories, left cookies out for Santa, and got up early to open presents. Santa was good to us, thank you again! Then we went over to the Sant house in time for Jamison to open his presents! Carson and Trisha were visiting from Seattle, so it was fun to get to see Jamison (and Carson) excited about his gifts.

It was so nice to be home with everyone for Christmas. We even had time to throw Devan a birthday party! Most of the old crew got together and we played board games, and had ice cream cake. I love my friends, and my family. Thanks for the great times Richland!

Arlo at the Gift Exchange. He turned 3 that week!

Learning how to change spark plugs at the Ben Wallace Garage!


Karissa as a turtle

The snowman the neighbor girl made for us

Coming Home

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So our journey home to Washington started out great. We were cruisin’ through Utah, even made it to Idaho! Then, the car wasn’t accelerating anymore. Wouldn’t catch in any gear. Nothing. So I pulled off to the side of the road, and we waited for 3 hours for our tow truck to pick us up. We played I Spy, but everything was black…or white so that didn’t last long. We also played rock, paper scissors and had a thumb war.

Our View

Nathan on his phone

The tow truck had to first give gas to another car that was sitting on the side of the road. But lucky for us, this couple had their car on, blasting heat so their battery died. And lucky for the tow truck driver, he was driving a new truck..without jumper cables. So he threw their car on the truck and they were off to pick us up. Oh wait…they actually weren’t because the tow truck driver(we’ll call him Mr. T) locked his keys in the car. Mr. T had to break one of the back windows of his new truck to get his keys. They then made it to us. (We were about 45 miles from nowhere.) Mr. T then hooked our car up to the back, and we climbed in the truck. We were in the back seat as we drove to Burley, Id. It was freezing in the back since the window was broken and frozen air was freezing up the place.

But we made it to Burley, to Mr. T’s tow truck headquarters. He was going to get jumper cables, and jump the other couples car and they could be on their way. This was a wonderful idea, except their cars emergency break was stuck on, and he couldn’t get the car off his truck. So we waited as Mr. T and the driver of the other car figured out what to do. They decided to jump the car while it was on the back of the tow truck, and throw it in reverse and see if that did anything. It worked. They got their car off the truck, and ours was put in their place. Mr. T then continued to drive us into Twin Falls.

We made it into Twin Falls around midnight. We dropped our car off at a shop, and my cousin Brad came and picked us up. I have only met him a few times, and didn’t even know that he lived in Twin Falls. But having family rocks! He took us to Jack in the Box to grab something to eat, then dropped us off at the hotel that our friends got for us with points.

The next morning, we called the shop. It was the clutch and they didn’t have the part. It had to be shipped in. So we called Brad’s wife, Amy, and she took us to the Twin Falls airport where we were able to rent a car to make it home. And then we finally made it home to Washington. Thank you to so many people who helped us out!