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Holy. Cow.

This past week has been insane! We found out our move in date was February 25th. So I scrambled to pack our home into boxes while Nathan was studying his guts out. Luckily he was able to help a little.
So Monday rolls around and Morgan brought his trailer over. Josh and Kevin also came to help. It took two trailer loads. But we made it over to our new place. We ordered a pizza and the guys took off…including Nathan.

So there I was in the house, surrounded by a million boxes. (how do people move when they live in a whole house? with like…kids and stuff? I NEVER want to move.) But I was off to the store. Our new house has a separate dining room (how fancy!) and a sliding glass door to a deck. It was starting to get dark, and I didn’t want to be home alone, with a giant exposed window.

I got a curtain rod and double checked the width of my curtains and came back home. I installed the rod, and hung my curtains…then remembered I didn’t check the height.

Cool. And even though they are ridiculously too short…they are still hanging. I haven’t gotten back to exchange them. :)

Well, as of tonight, we are officially out of our old place. I was sad for about…3 seconds. And that was when I was sitting in the car, when we were about to drive away and saw these two sitting on the porch.

And then I was over it. Now I get to unpack…while Nathan studies. (luckily his anatomy midterm is Saturday. wish him luck!)

I’ll post pictures of our place…when it’s not boxes.