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I have been loving these EAT signs I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. Here’s some of my faves…

From Sweet Pickins blog

From Mini Manor blog
From etsy shop Flea Market Sunday
But they are always too big, or too expensive, or too..not me. So I made my own. I got little cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. They were $2.47 each. Then I got a can of silvery spray paint, and used a 40% off coupon so my grand total was $10.70. AWESOME.
Here they are…before.

After getting sprayed..(I also did a clear coat to seal, which I already had)

And here it is!
What do you think? I like ’em.


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Hopefully this is the last “Our Place” post I make for quite awhile. (like…hopefully won’t have another until Nathan is done with school. AKA forever) First off, we love it. The location is perfect, and so is everything inside. (The only downside, there’s no fan in the bathroom so sometimes it gets too steamy when taking a shower. But I’ll take it!)

So I finally took pictures. You’re welcome. It really feels like home. And that’s good, since we live here. And will live here for a few years. :) Enjoy the tour!

Our front door. And our garden on either side of the porch. 

You come up the stairs, and walk straight into our kitchen. (yes my chalkboard still says Happy Easter)

Dining room (table covered with Nathan’s school stuff)
PS I made that little…what do you call that thing?
 The thing above the mirror..yeah..well whatever it is, I made it.
 (oh nevermind, you can’t even see it in the photo.)
Looking out the left side of our deck. That is an apricot tree in the corner.
 (and a pallet that I grabbed from the trash…need to figure out what I’m doing with it. )

And off to the right. 
Living room
We now have two collage walls. 


I love the little cubbies built in. 

Our bedroom

Another built in! Love the shelves and cupboard. 

Our dresser. (and the HOME sign I made. :)

 Beware…messy room below…

This is our office/craft room. Still in progress. We “built’ this desk from three file cabinets from a thrift store
and some wood from Lowes. It’s 11 feet long and I LOVE it.
(this is why Nathan’s stuff was all over the table..we haven’t finished this room yet)
Thanks for visiting our home! Feel free to visit in real life! 😉


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Have you heard of Julep? Me neither. Well, now I have. It’s a monthly membership where you are sent a box of nail polish and other beauty products. It’s $19.99 a month, and you get $50 worth of product! You also always get 20% off the website and free shipping.

The thing is, I haven’t been billed yet. You see…I entered a coupon code to get my first box free. And you can too! I’ll tell you how in just a minute. I want to show what I got.

So when you first get on the site, you take a style quiz, and it tells you what kind of kit you should get. (you can switch up your style after the quiz..don’t worry you’re not stuck on it.) I’m a Bombshell, and my first box came with 2 nail pretty nail polish colors, mascara and a little foot scrub. Pretty awesome. (and their packaging design is awesome and makes me feel special.)

Here’s what I got….

I opened the box and it reminded me of my style guide and said hello..

The nail polish was wrapped in a pink bag and tied with a bow. How cute!
These are the colors that I got. Shimmery goldish..and a purplely color. (they are wrapped in plastic so you can’t really see the color) 
I’m going to paint my nails and my toes today! Oh another cool thing about Julep is their products are free of toxins, and they donate a portion of every purchase to programs that help out women!
If you want to try it out, click on the link below, it’ll give me some points or something if you use my referral code. (I don’t know what point do…..but whatever.) Here’s the referral code in case that button doesn’t work..12673199


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Every time we have moved before this last time, we’ve been free. Free from school and free from work. This time was different. This time was crazy. With Nathan being in school (right in the middle of mid-terms) and me working full time, it took awhile to get comfortable. 

That being said, I still haven’t taken photos. I’m sorry, and I totally would right now, but it’s dark. So..I’m sorry. But I have taken pictures here and there, so you can just take a peek into the madness…which we call home. 
Our new dresser from Ikea.

Roses from my sweet Nathan.

Our kitchen.

Cabinet knobs.

Our deck. (I dumpster dived for that pallet…not sure what I’m making with it yet.)

Our new couch. (I’ll have to explain the story later.)


“W” wall. I am so happy with this!

Nathan’s bald..and sunburned head.

Our thrifted hanging lights.

Chalkboard labels I made for my canisters.

Us on Easter sunday.

Our friendly army man.

I cut my hair. 


She isn’t in our new place. But she’s cute. :)