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I have been saving my foreign coins since  my trip to France in 2006. I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to do this. But I finally did it, took me less than 5 minutes. And 4 of those minutes were looking for my coins. I just got button magnets from Walmart. They were $1.50. Stuck ’em to the back of my coins and that’s it.


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Nathan is taking physiology this summer. So he’s done with class at 10:45 everyday. Lucky!
So on his birthday, I came home from work for an early lunch. And I “took” him to his favorite restaurant! Tortilla Bar. I love you Nathan!

This was on the front door
I had the table set with chips and salsa. Then made avocado tacos! 
My gift to him…ha. He gets to pick it out. 

Birthday signs from Angela! 


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Washington is just great. We love it there. Not only because our great families are there, but because it’s just the best state in the world. 

Nathan finished his semester, and before starting his summer class and finding a summer job, we decided to drive home for a week! While we were home, grades were posted, and Nathan got a 4.0. All his hard work paid off! All A’s! What a smart guy! 
We stayed at the Wallace house (thanks Joshua for letting us take over your room!) It was so relaxing to  not have any real plans. While we were there, we had a pre-birthday party for Nathan. We got to hear Karissa play guitar and sing songs that she wrote herself. She’s amazing! Joshua also did the macrenea. wait…he PLAYED the OCARINA! He learned how to play Happy Birthday and played it for Nathan. Those were his favorite birthday gifts. 
The boys. 
One day, we picked up the little nieces and nephews from school and played at the park. 
We also had the opportunity to visit Carson, Trisha and Jamison in Renton. Jamison is getting SO big! And sweet Angela in Seattle. It was great to see them all, even if it was just for a little bit. Before we headed home, we ate lunch at Kerry Park in Seattle. It was a beautiful day! 


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We had the wonderful opportunity to be at the sealing of Ashley & Marshall Merrill. It was beautiful and they were surrounded by family and friends who love them. Like us. :) Later that night we went to their reception in Lehi. Gorgeous!

Look at that beautiful couple!

Look at all those handsome men!

Look at those goofs!

 Everything was just perfect. Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!