Monthly Archives: December 2013


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I’ve been neglecting the blog…so here’s what I’m doing right now…

DIGGING: Wood burning and etching, and I want to everything I own that’s wood.

DRINKING: Apple Cider, and it’s delicious.

EATING: Nothing.

LISTENING: Justing Timberlake’s new album. Can’t fight it, I love him.

WEARING: Track pants and my new $7 fleece pullover from Old Navy.

READING: I just finished the Divergent series.

FEELING: Excited about a few things I’m currently working on.

WEATHER: It’s pretty clear, looks sunny, but I’m pretty sure it’s cold outside.

WANTING: My hair to be long again. But I know when it’s long again, I’ll want it short again.

NEEDING: To repaint my toenails.

WISHING: I had a french bulldog.

THINKING: I should probably shower…

ENJOYING: The holidays coming fast!

LOVING: My fuzzy socks.