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Hey guys. My last post was about Christmas. It’s been awhile.

Some big things have happened since then. And a lot of little things too. I don’t really know how to go about this, because it’s been so long.

Remember in my last post how I talked about wanting a french bulldog? That happened. She’s pretty awesome. I found her online, her name was Lilo, 9 months old, and her owners were moving for a new job and wouldn’t be at home as much. I contacted them and we emailed back and forth and they said they’d hold her until the weekend when we’d be there.  And as silly as it may seem, we prayed about it. We prayed to make sure that her owners were good people, if she would work well for us, etc. And we felt like it was a good decision, so we drove up to Olympia two days later.

The guy was super nice, and the puppy adorable. So we got her. She came with her AKC papers, vet papers, large metal crate, huge bag of dog food, toys, etc. for less than half of what a 10 week old puppy would be. And she’s potty trained. Boom. It really was an answer to prayer.

She’s awesome. We renamed her Ruby and have taught her a few tricks. (sit, lay down, and “dance” which so far is just standing up) She hangs out by me most the time, or tries to get in our laps while we work/study. (or gets in our laps successfully and falls asleep) We got her January 18th, it’s now March 21st. And she’ll be a year next month. Should I throw a birthday party? Just kidding. kind of…?

The view under my desk.

Another big thing…the loft is 99% approved. I say 99% because we still don’t have the papers in hand, but it’s going through the process. Nathan’s parents have a huge shop beside their house. The process began back when they built the shop and made a bathroom, laundry and separate entrance on the ground floor. There are stairs that go up to the second floor. A kitchen, hopefully half bath, and bedroom will be built and then we’ll be good to go! I was told that it should be two months from when we get started building. So..hopefully we can start…two months ago. 😉

We bought new (2 months old) couches off craigslist, again for a ridiculously good price. They had bought them, but then realized they wanted leather, so they just wanted them gone. It’s a couch, love seat and a chair. Here’s pictures off the website. It came with the pillows which really don’t appeal to me, so I’ll be recovering those in some fun fabrics. Aren’t they gorgeous?



And while we’re at it, I’ll throw in the the rug I got during an online Rugs USA sale. it. it’s 8×11

These babies are just sitting in storage. Needless to say, I’m excited to move it. :)

And one last big thing..we’re pregnant. Just kidding. Sorry. I feel like everyone exploded with babies all the sudden. Not our time yet. Actually, it’s kind of sad..the company that I was working for is closing shop. So I will loose my main source of income. That being said, I have contacted the other companies I do freelance for and let them know that I have more available hours. I have already seen an increase in work from them. That I’m grateful for. If you or anyone you know needs a graphic designer, let me know! I’m looking to pick up some more freelance, but have decided, for the time being, not to get another full time job. I’ve also picked up my photography “business” so let me know if I can take photos for you!

I have also JUST opened an etsy shop (click here) (yes it is named after my dog. haha) and am planning on opening another one with a friend soon. I also plan on starting my food/vegan cooking blog as soon as we’re in the new place. So I’m hoping all my random jobs and hobbies will be able to fill in the gaps..mostly because I have been really spoiled and have absolutely loved the flexibility as a freelancer and a work at home wizard. 😉 Time will tell.

A quick update on Nathan and then you can stop reading my ramblings…
With transferring schools, he’s had to retake pre-reqs but he’s almost done! He still has a 4.0 (he’s amazing) and will be applying to the WSU-Tri-Cities Bachelors of Nursing program to start in January. This means he’ll have the summer-ish/fall off and be able to switch to full time again in his job. As of now…the plan is for him to work for a few years as a nurse after graduation in order to gain experience. Then he will go on to more school to become a Nurse Practitioner or a Nurse Anesthetist. Again, time will tell.

Our life is good, the Lord loves us, and we are trekking on. We sooo miss our friends we’ve left in other states, but still so much feel like we are supposed to be here. So here we are.