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I think I’m one of the worst bloggers in all of history. But here I go again!

Nathan has just finished his first quarter of the nursing program. It’s busy, but he really enjoys it and continues to feel like this is what he’s supposed to be doing. So that makes the long nights studying worth it. Today he started training at Kadlec Hospital for a Nurse Extern position. Basically, they will be paying for school, and he gets paid to work. In exchange for work after he’s graduated. It was a very sought after position and both CBC and WSU had nursing students apply. They only accepted 11.

He has training all this week. Then the 26th & 27th he has two back to back 12 hour shifts to really learn what to do, then he’s on his own. Another awesome thing about this externship is he totally gets to pick his schedule! He has to provide what days and times just two weeks in advance for when he wants to work. The only conditions are, he has to work at least 8 hours a week, and up to 20 during school. And every shift has to be at least 5 hours. So if his heart desired, he could just work an eight hour shift on Saturdays. Also the hourly rate goes up for nights, weekend and holidays. But he will figure out what he wants to do with that as he goes along. His next quarter starts January 5th. So he still has a few weeks of freedom! He also just got released from Primary and as a Webelos leader. He is now the 1st counselor in the Young Men’s Program! He’s so excited for the new calling. Plus, it means we can go to mutual together! I’ve recently been called to be the Laurels Advisor. We have LOVED Primary, but are excited for this new adventure.

I have been working on a few fun projects. First, I’ve started doing some contract work for the Color in Motion 5K. That’s fun just because their marketing style is loud and bold so it’s different than what I usually do. Also, I just finished a really cool project. Have you heard of The Tuttle Twins? Basically it’s books for young readers that teach about liberty and freedom. So for the second book, The Miraculous Pencil, the twins learn about the free market. And I colored. :)  The illustrator is in my ward, and I’ve done a few projects for him before, but he asked if I’d be interested in doing the basic color fill. It was totally fun! Here are a few examples of the finished pages….

Like I said, super fun. Click here to order the book or learn more about them! They will be doing 10 or so more, and I will be continuing to color!

And now about the loft. The finally electrical inspection is tomorrow. The sheetrock is up, it’s painted, trim is painted and ready to go up, the lights are in, the doors are ready to be put in and the kitchen appliances have been ordered. Two more big things, the floors and the kitchen cabinets. The floors are a wide plank laminate, they shouldn’t take long to install. And the kitchen cabinets will arrive the 22nd, they were delayed. They are they last to go in before the occupancy inspection. So it’s still totally possible we’ll be in before Christmas. Cross your fingers for a Christmas miracle! But if not, the inspection will happen after Christmas and we’ll get moved in.

This project and process have definitely been a learning experience. Mostly patience. Just about everything that could have come up, came up. From a tree falling on the family van, electrical codes being changed…let’s just say it has taken a long time. But the end is in sight and we are SO grateful for all of Ben’s hard work! Everything will be totally brand new, and so beautiful. I can’t wait to show pictures! We feel very blessed to be here in Washington. I have to admit, sometimes it is really hard to be away from all our friends. Almost all my close friends are in Utah. Danna, Anne, Tiahna, Desiree, Nikelle…I seriously miss all your guts, and I can’t believe that you are all now in the same place and I’m not. BUT we are slowly making new friends and adjusting to life here.

I’ll end with a few of our pictures that I didn’t add on Facebook. It’s like a secret bonus or something…

Ruby being awkward. PS she ate 15 starfish yesterday. She’s special.