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We spent the last two weeks driving around the west side of the US. We started by heading to American Fork. We stayed with Marshall & Ashley Merrill, in their new house! It was great, and we got to see so many friends. We had a little get together Monday, and on Wednesday we got to go to Elliott’s THIRD birthday. Can’t believe she’s 3! We saw even more friends. We needed to spend another few days in order to see everyone, and see them for enough time. I definitely did not take enough pictures from this part of our none. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

Thursday morning, after visiting Nikelle & Hunter on the way out, we were off to California. The drive went quick, and we arrived at Nathan’s dad’s house in Oceanside around 7:30. We jumped in the jacuzzi and just talked with Michelle, Jordan and Maddie. It was so good to see them. The next day we were off to the San Diego Zoo.  Read More