60th Wedding Anniversary

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  • June 6, 2012

We just celebrated 5 months while Nathans grandparents celebrated 60 years. Puts things into perspective. They organized a family reunion in Chewelah, Washington at Joyce and George’s house. We left Friday morning after I took my CIT 336 midterm. We drove all day Friday, and got in around 8:30pm. BUT before we got into Chewelah, we stumbled upon the Wallace, Idaho Street Market. Of course we stopped.

we kind of want to move here

Sadly, the market was closed. But the antique shops weren’t! So we picked one, because we didn’t have all day. Glorious pick. We walked around, saw a really sweet road bike, it was $30. We decided, we really didn’t need a third bike. Then, while we were walking back we noticed a sign that said, red tags are 50% off. The bike had a red tag. We bought the bike.

His new bike in front of Wallace Brewing

We were pretty excited. Hopefully, it works. haha. In other news, we stopped at a rest stop somewhere in Montana. It was beautiful. (Minus the bathrooms.) There was a river running through, and green trees, the birds were singing. I decided I wanted to feel how cold the water was. So I carefully walk over to the edge of the water. Nathan said, ‘Don’t fall on.’ I respond, ‘I’m not planning on falling in.’ (Like that would ever happen to me.) Then I stop, and take his hand because obviously that would save m y life if I fell in the river. Well, it didn’t. I slipped on the mud on the edge and smacked my booty right in that mud with my legs in the river. My new shoes soaked, my bum sore, and my wrist practically broken. (not actually, but it did hurt) Nathan, being the sweet husband that he is, first helps me out of the water, cleans my shoes off, then starts laughing hysterically. Well, at least the water was warm.

We got to Chewelah, and met Nathan’s family at their hotel. We had brought them cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean, they brought us strawberries from my mom. Or should I say…they brought ME strawberries from my mom.

thanks karissa and angela for protecting my berries!

It was so great to see them all again! We then all cruised over to Grandma & Grandpas house. And then proceded to meet a million and two relatives. It was actually a blast. All of Ben’s siblings were there, and most of each of their children (and grandchildren) were there. Ladene, Andrea, Win, Ben and Ted. (pretty sure I got that right.) We all just hung out and talked Friday night. Saturday was the big bbq celebration at the park. Marlo (Ted’s wife/Nathans aunt) helped the kiddos make these awesome catapults! She also had bubbles for everyone, she was prepared and it was fun. (Yes, I hung out at the kiddy table) We had the yummy bbq, and were getting ready for the cake to be cut when BAM! Thunder! Rain starts pouring down. So all of us cram under the gazebo at the park. When the rain slowed, we threw everything in the cars, and got back home. Just in time for the sun to come out! We took family photos, and a huge group shot. They all played games, slept, and talked. I did homework. Not as exciting, but it needed to be done. Grandma Joyce also made each of us leave with several of her cookbooks. This woman literally has bookcases of cookbooks. So I took about 8 books. Hopefully her cooking skills will somehow rub off on me. We then ate dinner, and did the cake cutting and life sketch inside the house. It was fun to hear their kids tell stories back and forth. So funny!

so cute!

We played a few games, just chatted and then most went outside to send everyone off. EJ and Lilly blew/ate bubbles. They are SOO cute!



Sunday, most of us came to Sacrament meeting. Pretty sure we doubled the congregation. After church we had lunch. Nathan and I packed sandwiches, filled our car with the bike, the golfclubs Nathans parents brought him, a million cookies from Grandma and of course the coveted strawberries. We had a great trip. Thank you Wallace Family, I love being a part of you!

And look how pretty Chewelah is. :)

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