All Hallows Eve…or something

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  • November 5, 2012

First and foremost, my job is awesome. Just thought I’d throw that out there. And work is part of what made our Halloween fun!

We were having a Halloween lunch, and trick or treaters come later on in the day, so we were supposed to dress up. And as many of you have seen…I dressed up as Flo from the Progressive Ads. It was fun to see everyone’s reactions when they realized who I was. And since I’m new at work, I’m pretty sure I will be forever known as Flo.

We had a potluck lunch and ate too much candy. We also played Mafia. Yes, at work. Then I picked up Nathan and he joined me for the trick or treaters. Everyone at work brought in their kids, and we decorated our offices and passed out candy.

My favorite costume of the day! 
Nathan at my desk. Doesn’t he look like he’s working hard? 

Mayhem & Flo

So that was fun, and we got to give chocolate covered pretzels out to cute little kids. After work, we didn’t have anything to do. Pretty cool. We picked up dinner from Guru’s and headed home. We ate dinner while we watched Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin. We then changed out of our costumes and carved pumpkins while listening to the Halloween Party station on Pandora. We had a lot of fun, even though we didn’t go anywhere.

Nathan concentrating on his pumpkin

my guts were green!

Our finished pumpkins

My spider lit up

Ghosty lit up 
And we (meaning I) roasted the seeds!

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  • Alyson I just wanted to say that when I saw your "flo" picture on facebook I totally laughed. You seriously did a great job imitating her. Love it!

    Also, this is really random but I had a dream about you and Nathan last night. I can't remember what it was about but I woke up thinking it was weird to dream about you. Anyway, I am just going to leave on that note and send you some happy thoughts!

  • Nate and Al says:

    I never see these comments until 50 years later. But thank you! I laughed at myself being flo. It was fun. And I'm happy that you dreamed about us. I miss you Mal! I wish we were closer!