Anniversary Trip

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  • January 11, 2013

We’re bad at keeping surprises a…well…surprise. We just get too excited and end up telling the other what we have planned. Like our anniversary for example. Nathan planned it all out and was going to surprise me, but then ended up telling me before Christmas. But that’s okay, everything was still amazing. 

We went to dinner at Anthony’s along the river. Neither of us had ever been, and it was really good. Nathan got salmon fettuccine and I got mahi mahi with coconut prawns. Nathan’s also came with an appetizer and dessert. So he was nice and shared. :) 
After dinner, we drove out to Touchet, Washington. (It’s about half-way between Tri-Cities and Walla Walla.) What’s in Touchet? Not a whole lot…except the beautiful Cameo Heights Mansion Bed and Breakfast!

You can see our room! The little balcony on the top right!
Everything was beautiful. They even left us a note and a rose!
Nathan really liked the toilet paper…

Our suite had a fireplace, balcony, king sized bed, and air-jetted tub and a waterfall shower. Pretty awesome. The whole Mansion was gorgeous! We walked around for a little bit exploring. We saw they had a few pictures of Christ hanging up, and Nathan popped in the office and asked the owner if they were LDS. They are. (Quick side story. The bed and breakfast we stayed in for our Honeymoon, Thornewood Castle, was also owned by LDS people. Pretty crazy.) Then he asked if we wanted dessert on him! Well sure! So we went into the dining room, and chatted with the owners wife while she fixed us our desserts. Very delicious!

We enjoyed our stay there, my favorite part was probably the air-jetted tub. So relaxing! Oh, and all their soaps, shampoos and lotions are handmade at the Mansion! And we even got a little giftbox with mini versions of them all.

The next morning we were greeted at 8am with homemade danish pastries, hot cocoa and cider left at our door. After we ate our breakfast treats, we got ready and went downstairs for the real breakfast at 9am. There was a beautiful fruit bar, and we were taught over breakfast how to make it! Then breakfast came, it was pumpkin french toast, with eggs and sausage. I forgot to mention that part of this Bed and Breakfast is their restaurant called The Vine. People come from all over just to eat there. If we would have known, we may have just gone there for dinner. But everything we had was homemade and so yummy!

Our wake up call
Fruit Bar

Breakfast. Yum!
Nathan sitting in the living room

Me on the staircase to our room

We had a wonderful time and recommend anyone in that area to check it out!

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