Bill Cosby & Broken Toes

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  • June 9, 2012
Mr. Cosby came to BYU-I & tickets were only $15

Basically it was hilarious. And that’s really all there is to it. I won’t go into detail about his show, because it wouldn’t do it justice. And what is NOT hilarious is what happened before this lovely show. SO, I was walking to the kitchen to continue making dinner before Nathan got home so we could make it to the show. I heard Nathans voice outside the window, I turned my head to see if it was actually him. When I turned my head, I went off course and slammed my foot into the couch. It crunched, I held my breath and didn’t look down. I was afraid of mangled toes, possibly blood. (yes, dramatic) I hobbled into the kitchen, grabbed an icepack from the freezer and hobbled back to the couch. I  laid down and put the ice on my foot, after realizing it was intact.

right foot. ring finger toe. it’s gray. 

I swear it’s way more hardcore than the photo shows. haha. It has been all stages of purple, blue, gray. As of now, it’s a nice grape color just around the first joint. Anyways, Bill Cosby was great!

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