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  • August 20, 2012

Thursday we drove to Liberty Park in SLC for Bret’s wedding luncheon. (but it was at dinner…is it called…a dinnereon?) Nathan met Bret in the MTC, they were on the same floor. Oh, and they’re cousins! The first time they met they were 19! They were so cute! His new brides name is Erica, and she was barefoot. It was a small gathering, with Cafe Rio catering. The best part of this dinnereon? Nathan’s grandparents from Cali drove up to be there! It was great to see family the second weekend in a row. After we talked in the park, we wished Bret and Erica a happy honeymoon and headed over to grandma and grandpas hotel. We just hung out there and chatted for awhile. While we were there I received the cutest voicemail from my niece. I saw that I had a voicemail from Heidi and I wish there was a way I could let you all hear it, it was SO cute. Nyssa started singing happy birthday to me, and you hear Heidi in the background..but it’s not her birthday! Then Nyssa says, “I know, I just want to sing it to her ok?” So she proceeds to sing me happy birthday!  Super cute.

We also found out we were going to go to a birthday party the next day. Whose birthday is it? President Monson. So Friday afternoon we headed back to the hotel. We brought stuff to sleep their because they had a suite with a pullout bed in the living room. So we changed, and headed over to temple square. We watched the Joseph Smith movie. I had never seen it. It was really good. If you haven’t seen it, I would recommend it. It gives a brief history of how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was restored, and all the persecution and trials that came along with it. It made me very grateful to live in the time that I lived in. Yes, there is still a lot of smacktalk about Mormons, but we aren’t being chased out of town or killed. It was great. Go to it. It’s in the Joseph Smith Memorial building in Temple Square, inside of there..the Legacy Theater. It’s free. And it’s awesome.

the beautiful Salt Lake City Temple

After the movie we walked over to Farrs ice-cream to meet some more family. We had sandwiches and ice-cream before we headed over to the conference center. I forget how cool of a building the conference center is. Religion aside, the building itself is quite amazing. It’s huge! I think it holds 21,000 or something like that. And we had great seats!

We were on the third row of the balcony. (the first balcony. there was still another level above us!)

The performance was so great! It was called Golden Days: A Celebration of Life. President Monson loves Broadway, so we got to hear some amazing musicians play/sing broadway. Obviously the Mormon Tabernacle choir sang, and the Orchestra at Temple Square played as well.

Some of my favorites were…
All I Ask of You from the Phantom of the Opera sang by Rebecca Luker
Bring Him Home from Les Miserables sang by Dallyn Vail Bayles
Seventy-Six Trombones from The Music Man sang by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Memory from Cats sang by Rebecca Luker

Through the show, videos would play with old friends or church leaders saying nice things about the prophet. Then President Uchtdorf and President Eyring (his counselors) got up a spoke a little bit. It was an amazing show! Like Silvija said, “You couldn’t pay enough money to watch a show like this.” Truly so much talent in one building.

After the show we headed back to the hotel. We had ice cream bars and chatted. (you can never have enough ice cream) The next morning, we all ate breakfast together, then the grandparents started on their way back to California. We headed down to the Capital Theater. Wicked has been playing in SLC and only for one more week. I found out that they have a drawing before every show for $25 orchestra seats. Since it was Saturday, they had a matinee showing so we filled out our forms and crossed our fingers. And then they drew the names. We weren’t called. Bummer. I know that I’ve already seen wicked, but we’ve been listening to it in the car lately and I really want to go. Unfortunately, tickets are about $130 each. And those are the cheap seats. So we’ll try again next weekend, and if not, then we’ll finally use our Cheesecake Factory giftcard. So we weren’t called, and I was sad. But then we walked down to the City Creek Mall. It’s amazing!

this is INSIDE. there is a fact a creek running through the city. 

We didn’t end up buying anything but lunch. Which was pretty good. We were tired so we headed back to the car and back to Orem. We finally planted our tomato starts. They are now giants and needed to be planted 2 weeks ago. But they are planted. And they look happy!

We then showered and got dressed for yet another wedding reception. This time it was Nathans mission companion, Paul Bills. He married Maddie. After they were sealed in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, they had their reception at Le Jardin in Sandy. It was so pretty! Basically, a giant green house with paths running through it. Super pretty. Here’s the happy couple!

ignore the fan. haha.

And we’re off to play games with some old friends, and some new ones!

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