Busy Weekend

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  • August 28, 2012

Danna’s baby is not cooperating. And this is proof.

The last switchback!

Danna did it!

Provo/Orem (I’m the shadow)

We (Danna, her mom Sue, and I) hiked the Y. The whole thing! To the top! Danna is over nine months pregnant, past her due date…and NOTHING! So I’ve decided to be patient. She will come when she comes. But man, I’m excited. And very impressed Danna did that hike without a problem.

Also, we made pasta Sunday morning. Then after church we finished everything else up and had some friends over for dinner. It was pretty tasty. But I feel like homemade pasta is one of the most delicious things in the world. And it’s SO simple! Plus, we have a pasta maker. :)

This is how we do it. 3 cups of whole wheat flour, 1 cup of white flour, and 5 eggs. Mix in kitchen aid. Then kneaded by hand to get the feel right. We had to add water. It shouldn’t be sticky, but it also shouldn’t be dry. (kind of like pizza dough)

KitchenAid working hard
Nathan kneading that dough!

I run it through starting thick, and keep adjusting to make it thinner

Then you pick the thickness of the noodles. (we did the thicker ones) And you separate them, and let them dry.

Monday Nathan started school. I packed his lunch, and made him take a first day picture. He tried to look as nerdy as possible. (I suggested wearing some of my glasses…he declined. he didn’t want to look THAT nerdy.)

I dropped him off, then drove by where I’m having another interview today. Cross your fingers! I picked him up from the bus stop when he was done. It went well, and he already had some homework. At 6, they had freshmen convocation. It was a presentation about why UVU is so great, and why it’s a good choice and blah blah. I was mostly interested in the live sculpting! There was a guy on another stage that was sculpting the whole time. So cool! All the freshmen (and family) got fancy hats, and popcorn, snocones, cotton candy, pulled pork sandwiches. We were then entertained by the Green Man Group, which is the UVU drum line. And Nathan won another shirt. It’s 2XL. I said I’ll sleep in it. Pretty cool.

Oh, and I cut my bangs.

I may shorten them up even a little more. We’ll see. 

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