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  • June 18, 2012

Friday Jess and I surprised the husbands with a camping trip! Kind of for fathers day…even though they aren’t fathers. (We’re kind of really good to them.) We threw all our junk in the cars, and headed out to Beaver Dick Park. Unluckily, it was totally full. Not a single spot was open. But our friend Robbie had told us about a place near Beaver Dick, called Warm Slough. Sounds appealing..? Well, since we had no other option we headed down another road. And found the coolest camping site ever! It was so beautiful at Warm Slough, and there weren’t nearly as many people. We set up our tents right next to the river.

our tent!
the warm slough I guess…

We had hotdogs for dinner and played farkle which is so fun! You just roll dice and it’s all chance so no one has the right to get upset. We then roasted s’mores and told stories by our bomb fire which I totally helped with.

see that giant log? it’s a on fire. thanks to me.

We then went to bed and I’m pretty sure I slept for 5 seconds. I kept hearing coyotes and creepy crawlies. And then! at 5am a group of scouts decides to go fishing right next to our tent. And a moose walks through our site. And basically there was no sleep for me. Nathan however, snored the a bear..which probably ate our leftover marshmallows.

We were up early, or should I say. Bo and I were up early. We attempted to make a fire, and I made jiffy pop. When our spouses got up, Nathan and I made breakfast. We then packed up camp and heading back to the burg. Nathan had a frisbee game.

They won…again. Surprise surprise. They’re undefeated. AND Nathan scored 4 points. Whoop whoop! (I took the pictures from someones facebook. I think Nathans coachs sister took these.)

look how excited he is to catch the frisbee!
face plant. 
they’re dancing (or nathan just threw the disc)

After the frisbee game, we walked to the Rexburg Air Show. After the show we walked ourselves right into bed and took a 2 hour nap. It was a fun weekend, and I love our friends. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m going to miss Rexburg when we leave. Oh, and I made this.

hopefully I’ll stop losing my keys.

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