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We spent the last two weeks driving around the west side of the US. We started by heading to American Fork. We stayed with Marshall & Ashley Merrill, in their new house! It was great, and we got to see so many friends. We had a little get together Monday, and on Wednesday we got to go to Elliott’s THIRD birthday. Can’t believe she’s 3! We saw even more friends. We needed to spend another few days in order to see everyone, and see them for enough time. I definitely did not take enough pictures from this part of our none. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

Thursday morning, after visiting Nikelle & Hunter on the way out, we were off to California. The drive went quick, and we arrived at Nathan’s dad’s house in Oceanside around 7:30. We jumped in the jacuzzi and just talked with Michelle, Jordan and Maddie. It was so good to see them. The next day we were off to the San Diego Zoo.  Read More


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We went to Hawaii during Nathan’s spring break. We spent a week on the North Shore of Oahu, in Hau’ula. We found a little rental on VRBO. We spent the week laying on the beach, swimming, hiking, surfing, eating, snorkeling and relaxing. Here are just a few pictures from our trip.

First, I am so grateful for the temple. We got to go early one morning. 

It’s pretty humid…

Sea Turtle. These animals are so fun to watch!
Jurassic Park

At the Polynesian Culture Center, Nathan wearing a lava lava.

This was the beach a few steps away from our rental.
Our favorite place, North Shore Tacos. Their ginger lemonade is the best.

At the PCC.
This is right after I was splashed with a wave. 
Exploring near Hanauma Bay


We went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.

Hanauma Bay

Lanikai Beach 

Nathan trying the Loco Moco. Bed of rice topped with a
hamburger patty, fried egg, and brown gravy. Weird.

On our Eco Tour.

On our Eco Tour.
On our Eco Tour.
Our guide on our tour. 

Our guide, Keola after the tour. 

Giant Snocone.

Nathan after his surf lesson

The morning we left, we watched the sunrise on our beach. 


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Welcome to the T H E  L O F T at 1 9 0 9. Sounds like a sweet new club right? Kind of. More like, our home. Here’s a photo tour. Sorry it has taken me so long. I keep getting text messages from friends asking what our place looks like. So here it is!
This is actually the view from the downstairs bathroom.
But you can see our front door and the stairs. 
Downstairs bathroom. And the glorious tub.

Coming out of the bathroom. 

Ruby’s hooks. Yes, she has two leashes. 

The living room. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

View from table. Everyone always asks why our tv is there. It’s on a swivel, and we
really don’t watch it that much, so it made sense to stick it to the side.

Bedroom. (The cardboard on the left side of the bed is to cover our windows at night.
We don’t have blinds yet. But it keeps it super dark…which is nice.)

My office from the beside the bed. 


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Today is Valentine’s. Give your love a kiss, or eat some chocolate. Or both. Today we made breakfast burritos for my family, and also took some to Nathan’s parents since they are sick. Then we went on a little walk in the Chamna Trails. We talked about our bucket lists, made some plans, and Nathan showed me where he crashed his bike. (by the way, he has a follow-up appointment on the 26th. Right now he’s on a 10b weight limit for 2 weeks.) This is our day so far!

We woke up. 

We saw this creeper owl.
It was legitimately really scary. 

Ruby got in some good sniffin’
We took a selfie. 

And later, we’re going to a Pawn Shop. How romantic. (I want to see if I can trade in my camera for one that also does video.) Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Nathan was recently called into the Young Men’s presidency. He’s 1st counselor, which is over the Teachers. He loves it! And he gets to do their fun mutual activities. This past weekend, they were going to do a day trip to the snow to…do whatever you do in the snow when you’re a boy scout. I guess…not freeze or something. Well, with the ridiculously warm weather, the snow was pretty melty, and it was raining. So they cancelled the snow trip, but still wanted to do something fun. So the teachers decided they wanted to do mountain biking.

It was a scramble to get everything organized on such short notice. And there needed to be two leaders. Problems with bikes and scheduling, that took a little time. One of the boys didn’t have a bike, so they had to borrow one from Greenies. The morning of Nathan was a little stressed trying to make sure everyone had a bike, a helmet, knew where to meet etc. I said, maybe you should just cancel it, as they didn’t have a second leader until about 20 minutes before the activity. But they got it figured out, and off they went to the Chamna Trails down by the Yakima River.

It’s just a cool little nature reserve with some biking trials, and jumps. This is how I understand what happened. Nathan took a jump and landed it, but then his foot slipped off the pedal as he was coming to a double jump. He got his foot on, mostly went over the first jump, but because there was a second right away, his front tire went down, back tire up, and flipped him over. He hit his head and shoulder first. (Thankfully he was wearing a helmet!) Then the bike landed on him. ha.

He said it hurt obviously, but thought it was just because he crashed his bike. He was able to keep riding, and continued the activity. Later on that evening, the pain and swelling continued. We iced it for awhile, but decided to go into urgent care. We met with a PA there and they did a bunch of testing, moving the arm and shoulder all over. They did X-rays of both shoulders to compare, and there was obviously a difference.

One his left, you can see the clavicle touching the shoulder blade. (AC joint)
On the right, they are not touching. 

From what I understand, it’s actually nothing to break, it’s all ligaments. So they hopefully just got a little extra stretched. The PA said his case is worse than mild, but not terrible? He had us make an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. We have an appointment today at 1:00. We are hopeful that he will be able to continue his schooling with clinical. Both his instructor, and supervisor for work said he needs to be totally cleared in order to work or participate in clinical, which includes lifting 50 pounds.

I am hoping it’s a few weeks off in the sling. He can make up clinical, if he’s cleared before the end of the semester. As far as work, he does have what’s called Health Streams, which are basically computer type training that he can do. They needed to be finished before April anyways, so he’ll just do them now.  I’ll update after our appointment today! Cross your fingers! (and toes.) (and pray) :)


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I’m 26. Twenty-six. It feels significantly older than 25, but I don’t feel old. I think leading up to 25, I was looking forward to being a year older, and now…it’s just downhill to 30. 😉

We celebrated by using my gift certificate to Polka Dot Pottery that I got for Christmas. Polka Dot Pottery is similar to Color Me Mine in Utah. They have unfired pottery, cups, plates, figurines, etc. Then you glaze it however you like, they fire it, and you pick it up a week later. I’m excited to pick them up! The pictures obviously aren’t fired, they will be brighter and shinier once they’re fired.

Nathan doing his plate. 

A little fat, but I’m very impressed, that was free hand!
(I kept telling Nathan, if it was perfect, we could have just bought one.) 
My spoon rest. These are raised dots, they even glaze like that. This isn’t practical, but hopefully it will be awesome. 

After that, we went to PF Changs (another gift card) for their half off appetizers. I was surprised we were basically able to walk in around 5:40 on a Friday, during happy hour. We went a little crazy.
Like…ordered 6 appetizers crazy. We got veggie lettuce wraps, wontons, crispy green beans, dynamite shrimp, ahi tartare and a California roll. Um, holy food. I even got a ginger beer, which was really interesting. You couldn’t drink a lot at a time because it was really ginger-y. But I really liked it! We should have taken a picture of our tiny table with all our food. It was all delicious and the leftovers were even good today! I was surprised.

After dinner, we had Nathan’s parents come over for cake. I’m surprised that we had room, but you HAVE to have cake on a birthday right? Nathan made me a white chocolate raspberry bundt cake. It was super moist and delicious. I found the recipe here.  *You’re not allowed to think about the caloric value while eating it.* Birthdays are once a year.

The candles made a halo reflection off the lense. Or that’s just how I look naturally. 

I got all but 2. I am getting old! haha.

I opened presents from my mom and in-laws. An awesome lime squeezer, it’s life changing, really. Also homemade laundry soap and q-tips, also essential. I had opened my gift from Nathan as soon as I woke up. One yoga class at Unity Yoga and yoga capris! Yay!

Then, if we hadn’t eaten enough, the doorbell rings. It’s two laurels from my class, they made me a fruit pizza. We had talked about that a few weeks ago at mutual and were sweet enough to remember I love it. 

We rolled ourselves into the other room and watched The Maze Runner. It was WAY more suspenseful and scary than I thought it would be! I kind of want to read the books now, so I know what happens next.

Today we had a youth temple trip. We had a big group, how fun. I’m an awesome towel-passer-outer. I made everyone cupcakes for my birthday so we had those outside the temple. Yum!

On our way home we swung by the loft, and the upstairs bathroom is done!

Essential for a bathroom. 


Look how pretty! 

(There’s still plastic on them, but it will be glorious!) 

I took this picture so you could see the wall color with the trim.

 It looks fabulous. It’s FLOORS NEXT!


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Christmas Selfie 

I made a Seahawks cake for Jamison. I set it outside to let it set. Bella ate it.
Happy Birthday Jamison?

Bang! We played several rounds of this with the family
+ Kevin. 

Forbidden Island. I got this game for Nathan for Christmas. It’s a cooperative game,
so either everyone wins or everyone looses. I like it. 

New Years sleepyheads. We spent New Years with Kevin playing board games.
I think it’s become a tradition. I think this was our 3rd year. 
Made painted mugs. And they worked! I’m kind of obsessed,  I think this is my new go-to gift. 
The flu hit hard. Thankfully I received a priesthood blessing and I believe that made it a LOT less worse for me.
My fever broke and never came back after the blessing. I generally feel pretty well, just really tired if I try to
get up and move around. Yesterday I got a rash, which I’m told is the viral infection leaving. Today it’s less and
I’m out of bed already! 

Carpet on the stairs is installed! (This is the top looking down.) This will be a no-shoe zone. 

The kitchen is installed after delayed arrival of cabinets. Isn’t it beautiful?? We are getting SO close.
2015 thank you for coming! I know it will be the best year ever! Here we go! 


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I think I’m one of the worst bloggers in all of history. But here I go again!

Nathan has just finished his first quarter of the nursing program. It’s busy, but he really enjoys it and continues to feel like this is what he’s supposed to be doing. So that makes the long nights studying worth it. Today he started training at Kadlec Hospital for a Nurse Extern position. Basically, they will be paying for school, and he gets paid to work. In exchange for work after he’s graduated. It was a very sought after position and both CBC and WSU had nursing students apply. They only accepted 11.

He has training all this week. Then the 26th & 27th he has two back to back 12 hour shifts to really learn what to do, then he’s on his own. Another awesome thing about this externship is he totally gets to pick his schedule! He has to provide what days and times just two weeks in advance for when he wants to work. The only conditions are, he has to work at least 8 hours a week, and up to 20 during school. And every shift has to be at least 5 hours. So if his heart desired, he could just work an eight hour shift on Saturdays. Also the hourly rate goes up for nights, weekend and holidays. But he will figure out what he wants to do with that as he goes along. His next quarter starts January 5th. So he still has a few weeks of freedom! He also just got released from Primary and as a Webelos leader. He is now the 1st counselor in the Young Men’s Program! He’s so excited for the new calling. Plus, it means we can go to mutual together! I’ve recently been called to be the Laurels Advisor. We have LOVED Primary, but are excited for this new adventure.

I have been working on a few fun projects. First, I’ve started doing some contract work for the Color in Motion 5K. That’s fun just because their marketing style is loud and bold so it’s different than what I usually do. Also, I just finished a really cool project. Have you heard of The Tuttle Twins? Basically it’s books for young readers that teach about liberty and freedom. So for the second book, The Miraculous Pencil, the twins learn about the free market. And I colored. :)  The illustrator is in my ward, and I’ve done a few projects for him before, but he asked if I’d be interested in doing the basic color fill. It was totally fun! Here are a few examples of the finished pages….

Like I said, super fun. Click here to order the book or learn more about them! They will be doing 10 or so more, and I will be continuing to color!

And now about the loft. The finally electrical inspection is tomorrow. The sheetrock is up, it’s painted, trim is painted and ready to go up, the lights are in, the doors are ready to be put in and the kitchen appliances have been ordered. Two more big things, the floors and the kitchen cabinets. The floors are a wide plank laminate, they shouldn’t take long to install. And the kitchen cabinets will arrive the 22nd, they were delayed. They are they last to go in before the occupancy inspection. So it’s still totally possible we’ll be in before Christmas. Cross your fingers for a Christmas miracle! But if not, the inspection will happen after Christmas and we’ll get moved in.

This project and process have definitely been a learning experience. Mostly patience. Just about everything that could have come up, came up. From a tree falling on the family van, electrical codes being changed…let’s just say it has taken a long time. But the end is in sight and we are SO grateful for all of Ben’s hard work! Everything will be totally brand new, and so beautiful. I can’t wait to show pictures! We feel very blessed to be here in Washington. I have to admit, sometimes it is really hard to be away from all our friends. Almost all my close friends are in Utah. Danna, Anne, Tiahna, Desiree, Nikelle…I seriously miss all your guts, and I can’t believe that you are all now in the same place and I’m not. BUT we are slowly making new friends and adjusting to life here.

I’ll end with a few of our pictures that I didn’t add on Facebook. It’s like a secret bonus or something…

Ruby being awkward. PS she ate 15 starfish yesterday. She’s special. 

Social Media Sizes

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I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted looking up social media cover photo sizes, profile picture sizes, backgrounds, etc. Finally I wrote down all the social media sizes that I use on a regular basis. I’m in the process of making some really great templates to share. But until then, here’s the current sizes you’ll need to make yourself look amazing!

Cover Photo: 851 x 315
Profile Picture: 180 x 180
Event Image: 784 x 295

Profile Header: 1500 x 500
Profile Picture: 400x 400

Cover Image: 1080 x 608

Channel Art: 2560 x 1440

Banner Size: 646 x 220
Profile Picture: 50 x 50

Hopefully that saves someone a little time! Design away