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  • July 3, 2012

Saturday was a blast. We picked up bountiful basket, then went back to sleep. Nathan had a frisbee game at noon. It was terribly hot, was 2.5 hours long and a whiney girl was playing on the other team, so sadly, they are no longer undefeated. It was a very long, very hot, and really awesome game though. Nathan played like a boss. Then we were off to Driggs. I’ve heard that Driggs has an awesome 4th of July party. So we decided to head up to the Tetons. It took about an hour to get there, and we parked in a dusty, dusty lot. We walked up this path, then out onto a golf course. There were already tons of people with their chairs, and blankets spread out for the fireworks. We picked a spot, close to the path, and on a hill. Then we walked around the fairgrounds and had a good time. There was tons of fair food, blow up obstacle courses for kids, old cars, bmx trick guys and even a hypnotist. It was pretty hot, so we got snocones and watched the hypnotist. It was actually pretty funny.

I got blue raspberry and coconut. Nathan got tigers blood.

Then Nathan spotted the bmx riders and skateboarders. They had some sweet ramps set up, and they did some crazy tricks. One of the bikers jumped over a guy sitting in a chair at the top of the ramp. INSANE! After that show was over, we wandered back through everything and got some waffle cut fries.

pretty tasty

We then, grabbed some more water and headed back to our blanket. They had a cowboy do some crazy tricks on the main stage. Then a sweet cover band played. And since we were at Huntsman Springs. Jon Huntsman and his dad talked a little bit about the festival and how awesome it is to live in America. Especially Idaho. And it was weird…because..yes, it is pretty awesome that I live in Idaho. It’s been pretty good to me over the past 5 years. The sun went down and we watched the coolest firework show ever! It was super long and to music. Basically, just awesome. Even though it was a little cold, my allergies were kicking up, and my legs were itchy from the grass..it was good because I was with Nathan wrapped in a tiny purple blanket.

sunburnt and waiting for the sun to go down

heat stroke?
best. firework. show. EVER!
Right after the show we grabbed the blanket and ran for our car. We knew it was going to be madness getting out. We were basically the first ones to the parking lot. After trying to get into someone else’s car, searching in the completely wrong row, and loosing each other…we found Juan. (yes, our cars name is Juan) We hopped in, and realized we were completely covered in dust. We were also panting since we were sprinting all over the parking lot, looking for our stupid car. But we made it home safely and in pretty good time. Thanks Driggs for the fun day!

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