Coming Home

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  • January 10, 2013

So our journey home to Washington started out great. We were cruisin’ through Utah, even made it to Idaho! Then, the car wasn’t accelerating anymore. Wouldn’t catch in any gear. Nothing. So I pulled off to the side of the road, and we waited for 3 hours for our tow truck to pick us up. We played I Spy, but everything was black…or white so that didn’t last long. We also played rock, paper scissors and had a thumb war.

Our View

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The tow truck had to first give gas to another car that was sitting on the side of the road. But lucky for us, this couple had their car on, blasting heat so their battery died. And lucky for the tow truck driver, he was driving a new truck..without jumper cables. So he threw their car on the truck and they were off to pick us up. Oh wait…they actually weren’t because the tow truck driver(we’ll call him Mr. T) locked his keys in the car. Mr. T had to break one of the back windows of his new truck to get his keys. They then made it to us. (We were about 45 miles from nowhere.) Mr. T then hooked our car up to the back, and we climbed in the truck. We were in the back seat as we drove to Burley, Id. It was freezing in the back since the window was broken and frozen air was freezing up the place.

But we made it to Burley, to Mr. T’s tow truck headquarters. He was going to get jumper cables, and jump the other couples car and they could be on their way. This was a wonderful idea, except their cars emergency break was stuck on, and he couldn’t get the car off his truck. So we waited as Mr. T and the driver of the other car figured out what to do. They decided to jump the car while it was on the back of the tow truck, and throw it in reverse and see if that did anything. It worked. They got their car off the truck, and ours was put in their place. Mr. T then continued to drive us into Twin Falls.

We made it into Twin Falls around midnight. We dropped our car off at a shop, and my cousin Brad came and picked us up. I have only met him a few times, and didn’t even know that he lived in Twin Falls. But having family rocks! He took us to Jack in the Box to grab something to eat, then dropped us off at the hotel that our friends got for us with points.

The next morning, we called the shop. It was the clutch and they didn’t have the part. It had to be shipped in. So we called Brad’s wife, Amy, and she took us to the Twin Falls airport where we were able to rent a car to make it home. And then we finally made it home to Washington. Thank you to so many people who helped us out!

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  • Tiahna says:

    Oh my goodness! I knew about the clutch and towing part, but had no idea how many other problems you encountered that night! Glad you two made it and that we were able to see at least a little of each other! Love and Miss you!

  • That is seriously the nuttiest story! You would never expect the tow truck to have so many issues. I am so glad you guys made it home despite the craziness!