DIY Chair Reupholster

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  • September 22, 2012

Remember when we first moved to Rexburg? And we bought those so-ugly-they’re-almost-cute-but-still-actually-pretty-ugly chairs? They were $4 dollars at D.I.

The edges were bursting, and they were vinyl. 

I always said I was going to recover them, but they just kept being ugly. Then one time while we were roaming the isles of Hobby Lobby, I found this cute gray and yellow fabric.

 So then I pulled everything apart and spray painted the frame with a nickel finish.

I cut out the foam and stapled up a storm.

I screwed the cushion back onto the frame and tada!

Back in it’s home.

I think it’s a lot better looking than it was before. Maybe a little too thick, but it’s comfy. :)

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