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  • November 15, 2012

During my time on Pinterest, I’ve seen a bajillion cute Thanksgiving decor ideas. Here’s a couple…

from here

(this one is a printable) from here
But I wasn’t satisfied to do either one of these, even though they are both cute. I’ve been loving bunting lately. So I took the rustic feel from the first one, and the banner/phrase from the second. And came up with this!

And here’s how to do it!

1. Start with an old book.

2. Rip out as many pages as letters. Then cut into triangles. I typed up the letters, printed them out. Then just hand drew my letters, some are a little sloppy. But I like it. Adds character…right?

3. Lay out the letter triangles on burlap, and cut out a triangle in the burlap. Obviously make it bigger than your letters or you won’t see it.

I used the same triangle as the template for all of them. (Although I don’t think any of them turned out the same size.)

4. I just used tacky glue to stick the letters to the burlap, then the burlap to a ribbon. I put the corners of each letter together.

And I wish I had a fancy mantle to hang it from, but our window will suffice! It was fun, and it’s helping me remember to slow down for Thanksgiving, instead of skipping to Christmas. Even though other parts of the house say it’s Christmas. For example, exhibit A…the fridge.

 And exhibit B…next to the fridge. The laundry.

But that’s why people say Happy Holidays right? They don’t want to say Merry Christmas too early, but they can secretly say it by saying Happy Holidays. Because that includes Thanksgiving…maybe…

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