DIY Wall Plaque

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  • August 15, 2012
Another pinterest project. Found here! This one was almost as easy as the hot pad. I found this wood plaque at DI for $1, it already had some saying on it. So I just painted over it and slightly distressed it. You then have to pick what you’d like it to say. I used Adobe Illustrator to type the phrase, and reflect it. But I’m sure Microsoft Word has a similar technique. Before you print, it’s so important that you flip or mirror the words. If you don’t, then the words will be backwards on the sign. So print out your words backwards, place on the sign, and get a paintbrush slightly wet, and “paint” over the words. Then you take the back of a pen and rub the letters. The water makes the ink release from the page, and the pressure transfers it onto the wood. 
wet and rub

after the paper is pulled off. 

It’s kind of hard to read. If you did a lighter colored paint, you could just leave it like that. But I painted over the words. I also added a few streaks of the paint.

I then sanded it, even over the letters. I’ll probably throw it around outside tomorrow for a little more worn look. But I hung it up in our bedroom. (obviously still isn’t finished. I’m going to be adding an “a” and a “n” to this little collage, possibly some other things. it still needs help.) 
start of collage

and there ya have it! 

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