Felines, Free Chairs and Frisbee

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  • July 8, 2012

July 6th was Nikelles birthday. We went over to give her a gift I made her. I printed it off and put it in an 8×10 frame. There are a few details before you see…

1. Nikelle and Hunter met in Arizona at Jacob Lake. (where the heart is)
2. Hunter Green was Nikelles favorite color even before the real Hunter came along. But now it’s extra her favorite color.
3. Their story is pretty amazing.
4. I love Nikelle.

While we were over there, we met her new kitty Shakleton. He’s a dream…or is that a she? We don’t really know. Only a couple months old and super playful. I want a kitty so bad! 
sleeping kittenpants
After we played with Shakleton for awhile, we decided to explore the used to be houses across the street. The school bought up a bunch of houses to tear down, and build apartment complexes. They looked like fun. And we ended up finding a treasure! 
There were two dirty chairs just sitting there, calling my name. So we picked them up, and put them in the car. We didn’t realize how perfect they were until we got home. The wood matches our table so well! I’ll eventually recover the cushions. But they’re great for now! Yay for free chairs! 
Saturday morning Nathan had a frisbee game. This game determined if they were in the championship or not. Well they won. 15-7. It was fast game, for which I’m grateful because it was already getting hot. This means, that they played again that night at 8pm at the stadium. The game was so much fun to watch! It was a long, hard game. They came back from from 9-14, to 13-14. The first one to 15 wins. There were some set backs, the stadium lights went off, two people blackout, and the other team called a lot of silly things.(they don’t have refs, they govern themselves) It was so much fun to watch, even though the other team won. I still think the Wolverines are undefeated….
Nathan & I after the game.
Oh. They played on turf. Nathan is a mess. 

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