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  • August 4, 2012

Well, I have some catching up to do. Life has been pretty fast paced, so I’m catching up today. Anyways, I did it. And on top of just doing it, I also got an A in my hardest class that I honestly didn’t think I was going to pass. Tuesday, July 17th may be classified as the second worse day of my life. Basically, for this class I had to create a website using php to talk to a database and retrieve information. This causes my website to be dynamic, meaning, I change something in the database, it automatically changes on the website. And vice versa. SO, a lot of things weren’t working. Basically…most things. (This was honestly the hardest class I’ve ever taken. I talked with my professor every week, went to labs and had tutors. I was trying harder than I’ve ever tried and I still had a D. Not okay. And in order for a class to count for your major, you need to have at least a C. And that was my goal. haha) But I found out that if I did well on this website I could still pass the class. Because the points associated with the website were more than the entire class so far. So, Tuesday starting at 12:30pm I started working on my website. I got done around 4:30am. But not actually done. My brain was just not working. So I took a two hour nap, and was up again by 7am. This became the worst day of my life. July 18th. I had to finish one more thing on the website which was due at 12:45pm. I did something and uploaded it, and literally nothing worked. The pages didn’t even show up. I went back into my code, and I couldn’t figure out what I did. I started crying. I had just worked my tail off the entire semester, and stayed up all night, just to fail. Nathan heard me, (he was peacefully sleeping) and came out to see why the heck I was sobbing so loud. I tried to explain what was going on. He tried to help me, even though he knows nothing about this kind of stuff. Luckily, as I was walking him through the code, explaining what everything does, I found the error. Which was the word “error”. It was supposed to say “message.” I changed it to message and everything worked. I saved that sucker, uploaded it and walked away. I was not going to do anything else. Long story short, I got an A and it became the third best day of my life. (first being marrying Nathan, and second him coming home from his mission.) 

Anyways, the rest of my classes went great! My parents, brother Aaron and sister-in-law Angela drove down to Rexburg and made it in around noon on Friday. We went out to Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch, which is a pizza, pasta and salad buffet. And they have some of the best pizza in the world. 
behold. the oreo dessert pizza. 
After lunch, I took them all on a tour around campus. There have been quite a few GIANT changes. Including the total makeover of the Manwaring Center and the construction of the BYU-Idaho Center. Which is pretty much a mini conference center. (and not THAT mini…) I told my mom that, but she didn’t realize how big it was until, she saw it. This place is huge and so beautiful. BYU-Idaho truly is a special place.
It seats 15,000 people.
Graduation was pretty cool. We had convocation in here. Then we broke into our colleges to walk. Before the graduates walked into the BYU-I Center, we lined up in the gyms. I got to hang out with some pretty cool people before. 
1st. Jessica Phillipy. We were roommates Summer 2011. I have had so much fun getting to know here and becoming such great friends. Sadly, Jessica and her husband will still be in Rexburg. Hopefully we all can convince Bo to come to school in Utah. :)
Jess and I
2nd My design professors. Randall, Memmott, and Franson. Thank you to each of them for the things that they taught me. Whether they know it or not. 
we look like we’re at Hogwarts…
It was really cool. The professors all lined the hall, and as we walked into the auditorium, they were all clapping and cheering for us. It made me realize, yet again, how much these professors really do care about the success of their students. 
nothing inside….yet

anne, thanks for being so great!
probably the best picture of my dad and I together. ever.

my support group…minus Aaron, he was talking to the speaker inside.
ice cream cake to celebrate. don’t we look smart? 

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