He’s had a birthday shout hooray!

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  • May 11, 2012

Nathan is one year older (and wiser too.) We had a ton of fun for Nathans birthday, we extended it a day as well! On his actual birthday, he went to work. How exciting. BUT, I brought him a cupcake from coco bean. And later that day, his coworkers got him ANOTHER cupcake from cocobean and ice cream. After he was done with work, we tried to play frisbee, but it was really windy. So we just headed to Idaho Falls. We stopped at Target and Nathan got some frisbee shorts, for free. Giftcard. (I also got a planner, i feel under control again.) Then we went to 5 Guys for dinner (For free. Our internet provider gave us a $50 visa gift card!) Everyone raves about it, and we were pretty happy with it. Then we went back to Rexburg, and we went bowling. (For free, because we had free games from Star 98 night.) Nathan got to talk to all his siblings on the phone while we waiting for a lane. After I viciously slaughtered Nathan in bowling…we came home. Ok, so he won a game as well. On our porch was a box from Kaleb! Inside was a bag of Starburst! Yippee! And we had the fruit pizza I made instead of cake, for dessert. We also got to facetime with Jim & Michelle. (and Jordan & Maddie) Over all his birthday was great!

nathan and his pizza

Today, I was done with class at 12:30 and felt like I should throw Nathan a birthday party, even though it was the day after, and we had a great time. SO with the help of Anne, I got stuff to decorate with, and we made brownies. When Nathan got home from frisbee practice, I asked if we could go to dinner. (which is weird since we went out the night before.) But…it worked. We first went DI to find a pot for our tomato plant. (We were unsuccessful.) So then we went to Costa Vida for dinner. Meanwhile, Anne, with the key I gave her to our place comes in, and everyone comes over to help blow up balloons and decorate. Anne, Kaleb, Tiahna & Kelly, Jess & Bo and Robbie & Sienna all came! It was a miracle since it was a Thursday night and people didn’t know about it until this afternoon. I LOVE our friends! We ate brownies, popped balloons, laughed our heads off, and enjoyed celebrating Nathan.

Nathan & brownies

Tiahna & Kelly

Kaleb, Nathan & his skeet thrower Robbie & Sienna got for him

We had a really fun time. I’m so grateful for the great friends that we have, and for good times we enjoy.

I love you Nathan!

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