Independence Day

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  • July 8, 2012
Rexburg is legit. Sometimes I don’t realize this fact. Wednesday morning, we woke up and headed to main street. Jess and Bo had already staked out a spot, so we met up with them. The parade was so fun!   Some of our favorites were….a giant shopping cart, for our favorite grocery store Broulims. 

Broulims has the best made in store tortillas, salsa, bagels, and pizza

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney fighting in the street. I don’t remember what it was for, but it was funny. 
they aren’t actually fighting in this picture. oh well. 
After the parade we went to Porter Park, which is where the parade ended, and there were booths set up selling stuff. We wanted an American lunch (at least a hotdog), but the only food we found was Chinese Food! And kettle corn. Kind of funny. Then we went up to campus, they were having a party. It was free to get in. They had a dunk tank, rockwall, balloon volleyball etc. And they had hotdogs. So after I dunked Nathan in the tank, we ate hotdogs. We were getting pretty toasty, and decided to head home. We fell asleep, and napped for 2 hours! After we woke up, we picked up Anne and headed to Idaho Falls with some of Nathans frisbee friends. They had a secret spot, not along the greenbelt where everyone and their dog is. We set up our blankets, the boys played frisbee and the girls talked, and played uno. We ended up driving over to the greenbelt to get something to eat. It was packed over there. We got dinner and ate over by the river. Then we grabbed a funnel cake and headed back to our spot. 
Nathan with his mouth full of funnel cake. so good.
Later we played the funnest game! It’s called Battle of the Sexes. Obviously the girls won, but more about the game. The guys are asked questions that would be more likely women would know the answer to. And the ladies are asked questions about guy stuff. It was a lot of fun, and we all got pretty competitive. When the sun went down, we got situated for the fireworks. We ate some kettle corn and just laid in the grass. The show was pretty awesome, and the people next to us had the radio station going that played the music that the show went to. When the finale started, we decided to get to our car and escape. (Last year, when Anne and I went, it took us almost 3 hours to get home. Normally the drive form Rexburg to Idaho Falls is about 30 minutes.) So we started on our way, and got stopped in traffic on the bridge, directly below the fireworks. It was amazing! We were lucky we left when we did. It was so fun to be so close to the fireworks. After the fireworks ended, traffic started moving again. We were home just after 11. Score! 
I’m grateful for this country that we have to live in, and for the freedom that we sometimes don’t even realize that we have. Life is good, and giant part of that is the country that we live in. Add that to the gospel, and what more do you need?

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