It’s beginning to look a lot (more) like Christmas…

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  • December 7, 2012
Nathan has been crazy busy with finals. And tonight I went crazy too. I added four things to our holiday decor. :) And the best part about it, I already had everything, so it was really cheap. Meaning free. And I like free. First..I had these cute little embroidery hoops, and some black canvas. So I made them into little “chalkboards.” I wrote “joy to the world” in them, and hung them above our kitchen sink. Then I cut out snowflakes out of printer paper, and clothes-pinned them to the lights. (the clothespins are tiny, and are from our wedding reception and open house.) This is where the give thanks banner was hanging. Third, I realized that we don’t have a nativity set. So I made one, out of a piece of wood and some paint. It’s really simple, but that’s pretty true to the real story right? Then fourth, I turned our fridge into a snowman! I used some black felt for the eyes and smile, a nike shoe box for the nose, and wrapping paper for his scarf. (Nathan got me that giant mustache last year for Christmas.) 
There ya have it! And I’m pretty sure when we have kids, I will go crazy. I’m so excited, and will probably start planning Christmas decorations in July. It’s just so fun! 
joy to the world



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  • Tiahna says:

    I love it all! I was just about to make a joy to the world banner, but yours is cuter! (plus with finals and graduating and moving next week and blah blah it probably wont ever get finished…)

  • Nate and Al says:

    I can't wait to see you at Christmas time! Are you guys moving on the way home? We need to have a phone date.