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  • February 11, 2015

Nathan was recently called into the Young Men’s presidency. He’s 1st counselor, which is over the Teachers. He loves it! And he gets to do their fun mutual activities. This past weekend, they were going to do a day trip to the snow to…do whatever you do in the snow when you’re a boy scout. I guess…not freeze or something. Well, with the ridiculously warm weather, the snow was pretty melty, and it was raining. So they cancelled the snow trip, but still wanted to do something fun. So the teachers decided they wanted to do mountain biking.

It was a scramble to get everything organized on such short notice. And there needed to be two leaders. Problems with bikes and scheduling, that took a little time. One of the boys didn’t have a bike, so they had to borrow one from Greenies. The morning of Nathan was a little stressed trying to make sure everyone had a bike, a helmet, knew where to meet etc. I said, maybe you should just cancel it, as they didn’t have a second leader until about 20 minutes before the activity. But they got it figured out, and off they went to the Chamna Trails down by the Yakima River.

It’s just a cool little nature reserve with some biking trials, and jumps. This is how I understand what happened. Nathan took a jump and landed it, but then his foot slipped off the pedal as he was coming to a double jump. He got his foot on, mostly went over the first jump, but because there was a second right away, his front tire went down, back tire up, and flipped him over. He hit his head and shoulder first. (Thankfully he was wearing a helmet!) Then the bike landed on him. ha.

He said it hurt obviously, but thought it was just because he crashed his bike. He was able to keep riding, and continued the activity. Later on that evening, the pain and swelling continued. We iced it for awhile, but decided to go into urgent care. We met with a PA there and they did a bunch of testing, moving the arm and shoulder all over. They did X-rays of both shoulders to compare, and there was obviously a difference.

One his left, you can see the clavicle touching the shoulder blade. (AC joint)
On the right, they are not touching. 

From what I understand, it’s actually nothing to break, it’s all ligaments. So they hopefully just got a little extra stretched. The PA said his case is worse than mild, but not terrible? He had us make an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. We have an appointment today at 1:00. We are hopeful that he will be able to continue his schooling with clinical. Both his instructor, and supervisor for work said he needs to be totally cleared in order to work or participate in clinical, which includes lifting 50 pounds.

I am hoping it’s a few weeks off in the sling. He can make up clinical, if he’s cleared before the end of the semester. As far as work, he does have what’s called Health Streams, which are basically computer type training that he can do. They needed to be finished before April anyways, so he’ll just do them now.  I’ll update after our appointment today! Cross your fingers! (and toes.) (and pray) :)

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