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  • July 12, 2013

Over the 4th of July weekend, we took a trip to St. George. Our friends, Luke & Tamee blest their sweet baby boy Oliver. They asked Nathan to participate in the blessing, so we decided to make a trip of it and left Orem, Friday morning! Holy cow. So much fun. It has been awhile since I’ve really been able to relax. Since the latest website at work has launched, I have not had a day off. (yes even weekends.) Luckily I can do it from home. But I was able to get things ahead of time, and taught someone else how to finish up. So I was completely free!! So it was glorious! And just a forewarning…it’s full of food. All local restaurants, it was so fun!

We rolled into town Friday afternoon and checked into our hotel. This is an awesome story in itself. We booked it online. Very basic, single queen room, $33 bucks a night. We just KNEW it was going to be nasty nast. But we were VERY pleasantly surprised. We checked in, got our key and went in. Oh hey…thanks for the king bed, jacuzzi tub, fridge and microwave. What?? And still only $33 a night. Score. We were meeting Nikelle for dinner, so we decided we’d hit up the DI. Just it case it was better than the one in Provo. Unluckily it wasn’t..but luckily…as we got there Nikelle was walking out. WHAT! That was happy, she had a few more errands to run. So we met up with her later and ate dinner at Mad Pita. We decided we’d go on a little hike the next morning…which also happened to be her birthday!

After dinner we explored downtown St. George. It is just the cutest! We rode the carousal in the park, which was really, really fun. And funny story. We were the only ones that were on it. We gave our dollar to the sweet old lady running it, and climbed on the horses. Then we had a little freak out moment…what if our horses didn’t go up and down? But the lady was already doing her little talk in the microphone, so we couldn’t ask. (by the way, we were literally 5 ft from her..she still talked in the microphone.) Then she asked if we ready. We asked if we were on the horses that went up and down. She said yes. We calmed down. Then it started. I can’t remember the last time I rode one, but it was awesome, and I felt like we were racing.

After the carousal, we went to the beautiful St. George temple. The sun was setting, and I wish I had brought my real camera, I only had my phone. But I was still able to (kind of) capture how pretty it was.

After the carousal, we went to the beautiful St. George temple. The sun was setting, and I wish I had brought my real camera, I only had my phone. But I was still able to (kind of) capture how pretty it was. After the temple, we went to Swig. Our life has forever been changed. If you are ever NEAR St. George..go to Swig. We’re not big soda drinkers, and we still loved it. Get a Dirty Dr. Pepper and a sugar cookie…or 14. The Dirty Dr. Pepper is just Dr. Pepper with coconut flavoring in it. It’s delish. And the sugar cookies? Um….I don’t want to talk about it. I’ll be sad that I’m not there to get one.

Saturday morning we were up early and went on a little hike with Nikelle. The area surrounding St. George is gorgeous! Here’s some of what we saw!


Keeps us on the trail.

It was 9am and 90 degrees. (luckily there was a breeze)
Happy Birthday Nikelle!

A wild Nathan in his natural habitat

That rock is happy to see us!

He looks like a giant..because the rock he’s standing on looks like it’s attached to the ones on the right. 

It’s sunny. 

Thanks Nikelle for teaching us about this area! Oh, and I got bit by an ant..or something stuck in my shoe. After our hike, we showered then went to lunch at Irmita’s, which is a outdoor mexican place. I got a veggie quesadilla, yummy! I don’t remember what Nathan got…but mine was better. :) After lunch, we went took a nap. It’s hard having fun! After lunch we walked around downtown and looked in a few antique shops. Our favorite was Urban Renewal, so fun.

After shopping, we went to Sand Hollow. It’s a big reservoir, which had REALLY blue water. What a pretty contrast to the red rock. We swam out the the little island, explored, swam back, then laid on the red sand. Really relaxing…hopefully my pasty white skin got some color.

How pretty?

my white legs..

Our faces got a little pink.

 After Sand Hollow, we had dinner and headed back to the hotel..but not before stopping at Swig for another Dirty Dr. Pepper and some sugar cookies. (We got 4 for our neighbors.) We took a quick swim in the pool, and went to bed.

Sunday morning at 9 was the baby blessing. Luke & Tamee had almost all their family there with them. It was really cool. They have a very big, and very loving family. The blessing was perfect, and I’m so happy we were able to be there for it. We wanted to stay for their luncheon, but they weren’t starting until 4:30, so we took off after church.

Thanks St. George for the fun times…and the extra 32983482 pounds. :)

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