Sunday Drive

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  • March 11, 2012

We decided we’d go for a little drive today since it was 63 degrees! We had the windows down and were eating sugar snap peas. We ended up at the Teton Dam. Last time I was there,(for the Teton Dam Marathon) I found out there was nothing…no dam. I didn’t realize that when the dam broke, it said goodbye for good. You can read a little bit about it here!

On the way back into town we drove around looking at huge houses, trying to guess which ones were my professors. I don’t think we were successful. But it was fun. As we were turning around to come back home…someone ( I won’t name names) drove off the road into a field. That would be fine except with all the snow melt, this field was now all mud. We were stuck. But not for long, because Nathan got out to push, and I moved over to drive and we escaped….with mud on our car…and Nathan. It was funny, and our car is filthy. But now we’re home and off to make pretzels! Happy Sunday!

where the dam used to be

us..covering the dam

a little muddy

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