Sweet Deals

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  • April 29, 2012

First things first. Sometimes…I really rock at getting a good deal. I never buy things full price, and I always start at the clearance racks. Well, the sweet deal gods smiled upon me at Gap. I got a pinstripe, two button blazer, and when you roll the sleeve it’s a different pattern. Anyways, let the photo speak for itself.

love seeing the progress of price reducing stickers…

Oh yeah, did I mention it was an additional 30% of the lowest price tag? Yep a $98 blazer, for 20 bucks. Sweet deal. I also got Nathan a purplish checkered…plaid..? Purple shirt. Normally $50, I got it for $12.

Also we’ve been looking for a bike for me, so we don’t have to use the car as much. The other night we finally got a hold of this lady (craigslist) who was selling the perfect bike. She was in Idaho Falls, and she said someone was coming to look at it a little later that night. So like any good person would do, I jumped in the car and sped over to Idaho Falls as soon as we hung up. We pull up to her house, practically run to her door, and ooohhh….they just sold it. 10 minutes ago… I was so sad.

But luckily I got over it fast. Today, Nathan and I went on a few adventures. Before we even got out of bed this morning, we check craigslist for more bikes. We didn’t find any new bike ads that we hadn’t already emailed, but we did find a shopvac. So we hopped out of bed, and went to Rigby, to pick up a wet/dry shop vac for a smoking deal. We also saw an ad on craigslist for a garage sale. So we continued on our way to Idaho Falls. After 5 garage sales, a farmers market, a stop at chic-fil-a, Target, DI and a stop to see some super cute puppies in the parking lot…we ended up with a full car. We bought some homemade whole wheat tortillas at the market. Nathan got 3 ties and an extension cord at a garage sale. We got a globe at DI. Nathan got a shirt at Target (still loving those giftcards). And we found me an even more perfect bike!!

Introducing my beautiful bike! (which doesn’t have a name, because someone keeps making fun of all the names I come up for it.) Anyways, I love it. And it was $50. Score.

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