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  • April 17, 2015
Welcome to the T H E  L O F T at 1 9 0 9. Sounds like a sweet new club right? Kind of. More like, our home. Here’s a photo tour. Sorry it has taken me so long. I keep getting text messages from friends asking what our place looks like. So here it is!
This is actually the view from the downstairs bathroom.
But you can see our front door and the stairs. 
Downstairs bathroom. And the glorious tub.

Coming out of the bathroom. 

Ruby’s hooks. Yes, she has two leashes. 

The living room. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

View from table. Everyone always asks why our tv is there. It’s on a swivel, and we
really don’t watch it that much, so it made sense to stick it to the side.

Bedroom. (The cardboard on the left side of the bed is to cover our windows at night.
We don’t have blinds yet. But it keeps it super dark…which is nice.)

My office from the beside the bed. 

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