Two Weddings, One Day

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  • August 13, 2012

August 11th is apparently the day of love. We had a wedding and two receptions to attend Saturday. We got up Saturday morning, got ready and headed to where we thought the wedding of Nathan’s cousin Heather, and her fiancĂ© Michael were getting married. When we got up the hill and arrived at the Draper Temple, there were no cars in the parking lot, and the gates were closed. Oops. How did we both have Draper in our heads? Luckily we’re in Utah, and only a few minutes away from several other temples. :) We checked out paper that told us what time we needed to be there…and the correct temple. Jordan River. So we hurried back on the freeway, drove like we’re from Utah, and made it to the correct temple. We got inside, and met family in the waiting room. It was so great to see Nathan’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It was a busy day at the temple. 15 weddings BEFORE noon! Madness. But the sealing was so great, and they looked so in love.

Jordan River Temple

coming out of the temple

 After the ceremony we drove into the canyon to Mill Creek Inn. Their reception was SO beautiful! There were flowers on all the tables, and it was outside.

love the color of these flowers

 Luckily, it had rained the night before so it wasn’t too hot. Something that was really neat about their reception, they had a photobooth guestbook! It was the cutest ever! You took your picture, it printed out two copies. One, you glue in a book, and sign your congratulations. The second is for you to keep. I loved it!

our photos

We had really good time chatting with family and friends, and eating delicious food.

Nathans plate

And Heather and Michaels cake was so cool! And the setup was beautiful with little chandeliers on either side.

Heather and Michaels wedding cake. 

Then we were off to wedding number two, Natasha and Adam. Natasha was a roommate of mine my very first semester of college. We have been really good friends since. I haven’t seen her in years, and it was so great to be there for her special day. They were married in the Logan temple, and had their reception at a church in Menden. (Super beautiful drive by the way.) Their colors and theme were very elegant. Mostly gold with calla lilies.

calla lilies in water

It was so great to see her, and she looked absolutely beautiful.

isn’t she gorgeous? 

We got there in time to see their first dance, and also the father/daughter dance. I’ll admit, I was a mess. I’m such a baby when it comes to this. I don’t get emotional too easily, but every wedding reception with that dance, I cry.

Natasha and Adam (sorry it’s blurry, far away on cell phone.)

And this is where the seriously blubbering comes in…

Natasha and her dad (again, sorry for the blurry)

After their dances, the crazy dancing began. It was so fun to see all the little kids go crazy. :) They then had a slow song, a country one even, and Nathan & I danced. It was fun to dance with him. I think that was the first time since we’ve been married. (besides the kitchen) We had to head out because it was a bit of a drive back home. On our way out, we saw this…

Congratulations Heather & Michael and Natasha & Adam! We love you all!

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