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  • June 29, 2012

Nathan called this evening at precisely 6:11pm saying “So I’m riding past Porter Park, and there’s a big party going on. It’s for Beehive Credit Union. Want to go?” He gets home and showers real fast since he was smelly from frisbee, and we hop on our bikes and ride down to the park. Sure enough, Beehive Credit Union is having a block party. Sweet. We just pretended like we knew what was going on and got free dinner!

not really sure what that face is…

While we ate we got to listen to an awesome band. And the kid playing drums is in my graphic design class.

After we finished eating, we wandered around. There was cotton candy, sno-cones, ice cream, a bounce house and tons of games. (I’m sure for the loyal bank members. Don’t ask, don’t tell.) Then we laid our eyes upon the mother load. Fish Dip. Sounds…tasty? Wrong. It sounds awesome. So we grabbed a little net and swooped up two goldfish. AND, we got to keep them.

they are both hiding in the corners of the bag

Obviously the only logical names for these two guys…Spongebob and Patrick. We rode our bikes home and plopped them in with Plankton. We watched them and commented on their every move like sports casters until we realized they were all going to be friends. We now are the proud owners of THREE goldfish!!

Oh, and we’ve been married for six months.

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