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  • January 8, 2015
Christmas Selfie 

I made a Seahawks cake for Jamison. I set it outside to let it set. Bella ate it.
Happy Birthday Jamison?

Bang! We played several rounds of this with the family
+ Kevin. 

Forbidden Island. I got this game for Nathan for Christmas. It’s a cooperative game,
so either everyone wins or everyone looses. I like it. 

New Years sleepyheads. We spent New Years with Kevin playing board games.
I think it’s become a tradition. I think this was our 3rd year. 
Made painted mugs. And they worked! I’m kind of obsessed,  I think this is my new go-to gift. 
The flu hit hard. Thankfully I received a priesthood blessing and I believe that made it a LOT less worse for me.
My fever broke and never came back after the blessing. I generally feel pretty well, just really tired if I try to
get up and move around. Yesterday I got a rash, which I’m told is the viral infection leaving. Today it’s less and
I’m out of bed already! 

Carpet on the stairs is installed! (This is the top looking down.) This will be a no-shoe zone. 

The kitchen is installed after delayed arrival of cabinets. Isn’t it beautiful?? We are getting SO close.
2015 thank you for coming! I know it will be the best year ever! Here we go! 

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