Weekend Update

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  • June 25, 2012

We had an eventful weekend, a little too much fun. (Is that possible?) I’ll start with Thursday night, since I made delicious mexican pizza. Sounds gross. Promise it wasn’t. Make it for yo’self!

  • make a pizza crust. 
  • spread a thin, thin, THIN layer of bbq sauce as the base. (sounds weird. swear it’s good.)
  • toss on some black beans. ( I added some cumin and garlic salt to mine.)
  • throw on some corn.
  • cut some onion and chuck it on.
  • slice tomato and delicately place it in a symmetrical pattern. (kidding)
  • top with mozzarella cheese.
  • bake it. like..10 minutes..ish.
  • chop some fresh cilantro and sprinkle.
  • eat. smile. repeat.


Friday night we went to the championship football game with Anne, Nathans frisbee coach Mark, and his wife Maren. Throughout the first half, little gold footballs were thrown into the crowd. At halftime, since Nathan, Mark and I got footballs, went down onto the football field. Then a helicopter. YES, a real helicopter flew over the field and dropped ping pong balls. Everyone went crazy, picking up as many as possible. After they were all picked up, we waited in line to see if our ping pong ball had a number that earned a prize. Poor Mark picked up 10, none had prizes. I got 6, no prizes. And Nathan grabbed 8, and won two prizes! A gigantic t-shirt and a hat.

they had a drop for the kiddos before the crazy-insane-death drop


(the pictures were taken in the dark, with a phone. that’s why they’re kind of blurry) It was kind of terrifying, the helicopter if flying over head, and everyone is getting ready to sprint out onto the field. The balls drop, and everyone sprints, and dives. Crazy.

Then Saturday morning I headed out to pick up our first bountiful basket. (Nathan slept) I was really surprised by how much stuff you get! It’s awesome! We’ll be doing it every week I’m pretty sure.  Nathan had a frisbee game at 10am. They won again. Surprise surprise. Actually, I was kind of nervous for them. They were pretty close the whole time. Nathan scored 3 points, and won the defensive player of the game! Awesome!

After the game, we rode our bikes to Rexburg Rapids. (the tiny waterpark here) We met up with Jess and Bo. It was actually a lot of fun. We spent most of our time on the lazy river. We were only there for a couple of hours, put sunscreen on twice, and poor Nathan got his shoulders roasted. Luckily I didn’t get a burn. (about time I come home without a sunburn) After the game we made cookie dough and bought some ice cream for that evening. For diner, we went over the Ashbys house. (our BFFs from our ward) They made some awesome “stuffed crust” pizza. It was really delicious. Then we played games. We’re kind of obsessed with playing games. It’s bad. But not actually, it’s awesome. Then we were going to make a giant pazookie? cookie? I don’t remember what it’s called. But you bake a giant cookie, and before it cools down put ice cream on it and chow down. We decided to instead bake them in little muffin tins for individual cookies.

this is mine. isn’t he beautiful?
and this is Robbies…

We were so full, so we moaned the rest of the night while playing bang. Thanks Tessa and Robbie, we had fun. And we really are going to make you guys empanadas sometime!

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