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  • September 13, 2013

Where to even begin…

A lot has happened since I last made an appearance on here. We’re no longer in Utah, remember this post? Yeah, well that was a lie. :)

There was a lot of prayer, pondering and discussion regarding our move back to Washington. But everything has fallen into place, and we’ve made it.

To make a long story short, we were able to find new renters, get accepted and transferred to a new school, and keep our jobs within two weeks of deciding to move.

I am now working from home for Northridge Publishing. They recently went completely digital, and I am now designing two of their magazines and doing their email and affiliate marketing. I really enjoy it, and hope I can do it for a long time. I’m still getting used to working at home. Sometimes I get distracted…especially since MY LITTLE BROTHER CAME HOME FROM HIS MISSION!! (that’s another post in itself)

Nathan also gets to continue working for EdGenuity. He’s basically an online science tutor. His title is actually Concept Coach. He wakes up early and works 5am-1pm. He likes working at home, because he can lie on the couch and snooze between chats. :)

The rest of this post will just be photos from the last several weeks.

Erin, Forrest and Lilly stopped by on their way to WA

I cut my hair
Tried powdered peanut butter and LOVE it!

Landscapers FINALLY came. Just in time for us to leave.

Had a wonderful visit with Lenise

Tanner & Jaylen got married!!!

Got a Red Wonder from Waffle Love

Got to go to CA for Layton & Meredith’s wedding

Meredith & Layton got married!
Nathan met a hottie 
Went to the Santa Cruz Pier

Rode the Big Dipper

Brought a bouquet all the way back to UT. 
Got to meet Pres. Dickerson from Nathan’s MTC


This sweet girl turned ONE!

Our fish sat up front of the truck with us

Treat bag from Elliott’s birthday party

hey Oregon.

hey Washington

The Sant House

The Wallace House

My work desk is all set up

Put my signs into storage

Still trying to comprehend what just happened…

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